A few days ago, Xiaomi announced the start of the month of peace of mind service in March, providing free cleaning, maintenance and disinfection services for Xiaomi mobile phone and home appliance users. The event time is March 1-31.

It is understood that during the month of peace of mind, Xiaomi will provide three services: free cleaning and disinfection (using ultraviolet rays to sterilize the surface of the mobile phone), free film (high-permeability film, oleophobic and hydrophobic), 49 yuan to replace the battery (3.11-17, support 8 models).

In addition, we provide free door-to-door cleaning and maintenance for air-conditioning products (excluding outdoor units), free door-to-door cleaning for washing machine products, and free door-to-door cleaning and maintenance for TV products.

According to the previous service plan, the models supported by the 49 yuan battery replacement include 8 models: Xiaomi Mi 8 series, Xiaomi Mi 9 series, Xiaomi MIX 2, Xiaomi MIX 3, Xiaomi MIX 2S, Xiaomi MAX 3, Redmi 6, Redmi 6A.

Today, Xiaomi mobile phone announced that the service will be upgraded again from March 11 to March 17: as many as 15 Xiaomi models, support 49 yuan to replace the battery.

The specific 15 models are as follows:

Mi 8 series (5 models): Mi 8, Mi 8SE, Mi 8 Youth, Mi 8 Screen Fingerprint Edition, Mi 8 Explorer Edition

Mi 9 series (4 models): Mi 9, Mi 9SE, Mi 9 Pro 5G, Mi 9 Explorer Edition

MIX series (3 models): MIX2, MIX3. MIX2S

In addition, there are three models: MAX3, Redmi 6, Redmi 6A

Xiaomi’s new welfare upgrade: 49 yuan to replace the battery to support 15 models


Q: How to participate in the event

1. In-store service: pay attention to the WeChat public account of “Xiaomi After-sales Service”, click[查询服务]-[线下门店查询]Go to the after-sales store to enjoy service.

2. Intra-city postal service: pay attention to “Xiaomi after-sales service” WeChat public account and click[查询服务]→[线下门店查询]-[门店名称]-It has been marked with the words “support mobile phone mailing in the same city”, just call and contact the postal service, and the two-way logistics fee for the user is free of charge.

3. Repair service: a. Pay attention to the WeChat public account of “Xiaomi After-sales Service”, click[自助服务]-[申请售后] b. Call 400-100-5678 to apply

Q: 49 yuan to replace the battery, are there any other charges?

A: The 49 yuan replacement battery includes the battery price + labor cost, and you will not be charged any other fees.

Q: What models does the 49 yuan battery change support?

The 15 models have been introduced above. The model selected this time is the main model of Xiaomi that users have used between 1-2 years.

It should be noted that the three models of Xiaomi Mi 8 Screen Fingerprint Edition (transparent back cover), Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition, and Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer Edition need to operate in a dust-free environment, so they only need to be sent to the repair center and do not support the same city. post.

Q: Can I go to Xiaomi Home (authorized store) to participate in the event?

A: This activity involves a series of actions such as the disassembly and assembly of a large number of mobile phone models, and requires a certain degree of professionalism and related equipment. Therefore, it can only be carried out in after-sales stores, not in sales stores such as Xiaomi Home. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Q: What should I do if the battery is temporarily out of stock when I go to the service store?

A: For the situation that the store is out of stock and cannot be replaced in time on the spot, we will quickly coordinate the source of the goods. As long as you apply to participate in this event during the event time, you can still enjoy the event price to replace the new battery in the future, you can also choose to leave the phone in the store, we will process it for you as soon as it arrives and mail it to your home for free.

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