“Frontier”, “New Wave”, and “Future” are the charms of technological products, but where are the aesthetic boundaries that technological products can present? Skyworth TV handed over a full score-the launch of the new Q31 Pro, allowing the precious “ultramarine blue” in art history to meet the family C-bit TV, and integrating ancient colors more expensive than gold into home life, with a 9mm ultra-thin The body and high-end elegant glass back panel lead the design aesthetics of smart TVs.


When technology meets art: Skyworth releases Guardian Q31 Pro, full of quality

Both appearance and strength, Skyworth focuses on the emotional needs of Chinese families, and the entire Skyworth Guardian Q31 Pro is adapted to the “smart eye”-by providing diversified intelligent services such as remote communication, nursing care for the elderly, abnormal warning, cloud storage, etc., Q31 Pro To protect the high-quality emotional companionship and home safety between family members, smart TV has the temperature of humanistic care.

When the color “ceiling” meets the smart TV

Along with the people’s pursuit of a better life, the “economy of beauty” in the television industry has risen rapidly. In this age of “watching the face”, high-quality, high-value TV products that can demonstrate individuality and taste are becoming more and more important factors for consumers to choose. Skyworth fully understands the demands of users, and the new Q31 Pro came into being. With “ultramarine blue” and an ultra-thin body, the TV becomes a highlight of family life and a creator of home atmosphere.


When technology meets art: Skyworth releases Guardian Q31 Pro, full of quality

The word “ultraviolet” comes from Italian and means “from a distant overseas”. Ultramarine is made by grinding the mineral lapis lazuli. Due to the rarity of its raw materials and the long production cycle, it became the most precious pigment in the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and played an important role in the history of European art. Taking the famous portrait “The Statue of the Virgin” as an example, the great painter Du Qiao used ultramarine to paint the blue robe of the Virgin. So far, “ultramarine blue” began to become the special color for the robe of the Virgin, enjoying a sacred status in the history of art. Called the color “ceiling”.

Today, Skyworth Guardian Q31 Pro adopts ultramarine blue design, bringing the noble colors of the palace of art into the home scene and integrating it into the daily life of users. The elegant and pure “ultramarine blue” not only symbolizes the vast and boundless sky, but also has a quiet and deep sense of sacredness, bringing a quiet, romantic and elegant artistic embellishment to the home life. The cross-century encounter between Skyworth Guardian Q31 Pro and “Ultramarine Blue” breaks through the imagination of TV colors and establishes a new height of smart TV design aesthetics.

Q31 Pro opens a new paradigm of “protecting the family”

Not only the appearance is outstanding, but the Skyworth Guardian Q31 Pro has extraordinary strength. With the changes in the domestic family relationship model, the need for family care in different places, new concepts of parent-child relationship, and family safety is increasing. How to better guard the family and guard the high-quality companionship between family members has become an important breakthrough point in the TV industry.

Skyworth understands the emotional demands of users in the new family relationship mode, and adapts the “Smart Eye” to the entire Guardian Q31 Pro system. Through the Smart Eye, it can realize smart split-screen, smart picture-in-picture, multi-device interaction, cloud storage, etc. Item function.


When technology meets art: Skyworth releases Guardian Q31 Pro, full of quality

The Guardian Q31 Pro realizes close communication with parents and elders at a distance on the big screen, and also allows young parents to pay attention to the baby’s every move while enjoying their personal lives, and record precious family time through cloud storage. Not only that, through multi-device interaction, Q31 Pro can also help family users to check the security status of their homes and family members at any time, with financial-level data encryption protection, convenient and worry-free to protect the family, whether it is living alone or a warm home. Can greatly enhance the sense of security and happiness.


When technology meets art: Skyworth releases Guardian Q31 Pro, full of quality

Skyworth Guardian uses smart technology to take on the important role of “guardian” of family emotions, connects the emotions between family members through TV, allows technology to have warmth and warmth, and gives smart TV a new role in the family’s “C position”.

Smart technology enhances home entertainment experience

Skyworth’s new Guardian Q31 Pro not only gives smart TVs a warm background of humanistic care, but also uses outstanding technology and craftsmanship to demonstrate Skyworth’s confidence as a leading global technology brand.

The Skyworth Guardian Q31 Pro has an ultra-thin body of 9mm, which is even slimmer than most mobile phones. At the same time, it is equipped with ultra-thin craft glass backplane, full atmosphere soft light logo, etc., with high-level and high-precision production processes, breaking through the difficulties of the industry, and making the Q31 Pro look luxurious.


When technology meets art: Skyworth releases Guardian Q31 Pro, full of quality

In terms of audio and video performance, Skyworth Guardian Q31 Pro is equipped with Dolby Atmos immersive audio, supports Dolby Vision, HDR10 high dynamic range Display standard, and both sound and picture effects are excellent. At the same time, it is equipped with the second-generation full-featured AI chip, which is super powerful. At the same time of computing power, it can also optimize the image, support super-definition, MEMC, AI scene quality optimization, AI dynamic range expansion and other functions, bringing users a better viewing experience; using DC DC dimming technology, in one fell swoop Solve the stroboscopic problem, care for the eyes of users… Skyworth Guardian Q31 Pro uses industry-leading technology to provide home users with an immersive audio-visual entertainment experience.

Skyworth TV has always been in-depth insight into the diverse needs of users, constantly researched and optimized, and launched a new category—Guardian, to provide users with more possibilities for smart technology to protect their families. Not long ago, Skyworth launched two Guardian products: S82 and Q41 Pro, protecting the emotional companionship needs of Chinese families; now, the Guardian product lineup has added a new member Q31 Pro, which satisfies Chinese families while guarding the family. Needs in the taste of life. From the “ultramarine blue” full of artistic beauty to the ultra-thin body that demonstrates the strength of extraordinary technology and craftsmanship, Skyworth Q31 Pro broadens the boundary of the appearance and aesthetics of technology products, making smart TV an important element of home art matching, and it also enriches it better. The entertainment life of home users.

I believe that in the future, more Skyworth TVs with different bright spots will be added to the Guardian category, which can not only protect the family’s emotional connection, but also meet the increasingly diversified needs of Chinese families.

Source: PR Newswire

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