Description Of InconelX-750

Inconel X-750 alloy is mainly a nickel-based superalloy that is age-strengthened with γ ′ [Ni3 (Al, Ti, Nb)] phase. It has good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance below 980 ℃, and a high Strength, below 540 ℃ has good relaxation resistance, but also has good forming properties and welding performance.

What is InconelX-750

Description Of InconelX-750. -PTJ CNC MACHINING Shop

The alloy is mainly used for the manufacture of aeroengines that work below 800 ° C and require high-strength corrosion-resistant rings, structural parts, bolts and other parts, and those that work below 540 ° C with moderate or low stress and require relaxation resistance Springs and coil springs. It can also be used to manufacture gas turbine turbine blades and other parts. The available varieties are sheet, strip, bar, forging, ring, wire, and tube.

Alloy X-750 is a precipitation hardenable alloy that is super resistant to chemical corrosion and oxidation. After proper heat treatment, it has high sulfide cracking strength and low creep in high stress environments up to 816 ° C Rate of change.
The material can be used for structural parts of heat turbines, jet engines, nuclear power plant equipment and heat treatment fixtures, forming tooling, extrusion dies, etc.

Inconel X-750 Corrosion resistance

The X-750 alloy has very good resistance to stress corrosion cracking of chloride ions, and it also exhibits satisfactory resistance in various oxidizing environments. In many media, the corrosion resistance of this material is very similar to alloy 600.
Nitric acid good sulfuric acid average
Phosphoric acid General Acetic acid General
Sodium hydroxide Good Salt spray (NaCl) Good
Seawater General Acidic Oil and Gas General
Moist excellent

Inconel X-750 Physical Properties

Density: 8.44
Average specific heat: 77-212 ° F 0.1000 Btu / lb / ° F
           77-1652 ° F 0.1300 Btu / lb / ° F
Average thermal expansion coefficient

 What is InconelX-750

Inconel X-750 Thermal conductivity

What is InconelX-750

Inconel 750 Modulus of elasticity (E)

What is InconelX-750

Inconel x-750 Resistance

What is InconelX-750

Melting distance: 2540-2600 ° F
Mechanical behavior
Heat treatment 1: 1149 ° C solution heat treatment, 2-4 hours, air cooling; 843 ° C intermediate aging, 24 hours, air cooling; 704 ° C final aging, 20 hours, air cooling
Tensile performance

What is InconelX-750

Stress cracking test data

What is InconelX-750

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