CNC lathe fixture is a high-tech magnetic clamping tool with strong suction force and stable performance. It can be used in various CNC lathes, vertical lathes, etc. It adopts European advanced magnetic clamping technology, which can fully meet the requirements of thin plate clamping, even 3mm For the following thin plates, through the magnetizing and demagnetizing controller to select a reasonable magnetic penetration depth, it can also realize the non-deformation processing and clamping; the clamping or releasing of the workpiece can be completed in 3 seconds, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

No electric energy is needed in the work, only the permanent magnet suction is used to clamp the workpiece, which prevents the electromagnetic system from losing the magnetic force when the power is suddenly cut off and the drag line is damaged, and the risk of showing the workpiece is scattered. The predictable permanent magnet clamping force is very strong, up to 16 kilograms per square centimeter, and it is constant and does not attenuate with the extension of time, which has great safety. Preventing thermal deformation can greatly improve the machining accuracy of parts.

Only use electric energy within 1 second during the process of magnetization and demagnetization. It does not use any power during work to generate strong and safe power, eliminating the need for electricity, liquid, and gas circuits in traditional mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic fixture systems. And the configuration of the accumulator can prevent the leakage of oil and gas, the fatigue damage of the clamping bolts and the unsafe hidden dangers caused by this, which saves electric energy, and is economical and environmentally friendly.