What are the objects of CNC lathe processing?

In the CNC lathe processing hardware, all the rotating parts that can be clamped on the ordinary lathe can be processed on the CNC lathe. However, CNC lathes have the characteristics of high machining accuracy, linear and arc interpolation, and automatic speed change during hardware processing. Its process range is much wider than ordinary machine tools.

The CNC lathe has good rigidity, high precision in manufacturing and tool setting, and can easily and accurately enter manual compensation and automatic compensation, so it can process parts with high dimensional accuracy. In addition, the tool motion of CNC turning is realized by high-precision interpolation motion and servo drive. In addition, the rigidity of the machine tool and the high manufacturing accuracy are high, so it can process the shape accuracy of the bus line straightness, roundness, cylindricity, etc. Highly demanding parts.

For arcs and other curved contours, the degree of closeness between the processed shape and the geometric shape required on the drawing is much higher than that of the profiling lathe.

CNC lathe has a constant linear speed cutting function, so you can choose the best linear speed to cut the cone and end surface, so that the surface roughness value after turning is small and consistent, and the surface roughness value is small and uniform.

CNC lathe processing can not only turn any straight, tapered and end-face threads of equal lead, but also can turn threads with a smooth transition between variable lead and variable lead. When the CNC lathe is turning the thread, the spindle rotation does not need to be alternately changed like an ordinary lathe. It can cycle one cut after another without stopping until it is completed, so the efficiency of CNC lathe processing of threads is very high.