As a technical expert in the field of industrial Internet, Mu Yonghao started his article on intelligent manufacturing.

He divided intelligent manufacturing standards into three major categories-one is the basic common standards, including general, safety, reliability, testing, evaluation, personnel capabilities, etc., which are the foundation of the intelligent manufacturing standard system; the second is the key technical standards; It is an industry application standard.

And intelligent manufacturing has four major characteristics-digitization, networking, community, and knowledge.

Digitization, that is, software defines everything;

Networking emphasizes the interconnection of devices and forms a new Internet of Things through the integration of IT and OT;

Communityization refers to the sharing model and the collaborative model;

Knowledge, using artificial intelligence technology to digitize knowledge in the industrial field and apply it to the manufacturing process.

So, what problems does smart manufacturing solve? Mu Yonghao’s answer is to improve production efficiency, improve product quality, improve customer satisfaction, reduce production costs, and create core value.


The most important application in the 5G era is the 5G Industrial Internet. Its current application scenarios fall into five categories-intelligent manufacturing, networked collaboration, personalized customization, service-oriented extension, and digital management.

In the above five scenarios, Ningbo Unicom has established some typical projects.

Intelligent manufacturing is the basic application of the Industrial Internet, which can make enterprises lower production costs, higher production efficiency, better production processes, and better product quality.

After the Mustang battery (28.860, 0.08, 0.28%) replaced WIFI with 5G, the company solved the problem of large signal interference and blind spots in the original warehouse in one fell swoop. Forklifts equipped with 5G equipment can accurately find the location of the goods after receiving instructions.

Networked collaboration can enable enterprises to have a supply chain with faster response and better processes.

In Ningbo, many industries have outstanding industrial chain levels, and their manufacturing capacity is well-known worldwide. How to enable the advantages of the industrial chain to empower the supply chain has become an important topic for Ningbo enterprises in the future.

In Yuyao, “China’s home appliance manufacturing base”, the local government has joined hands with Ningbo Unicom and Yundi Wisdom to create the “5G Industrial Internet” application innovation service platform for the small home appliance industry-Yuyao Smart Home Appliance Cloud Platform, which optimizes the supply chain and reshapes The value chain has been incubated and the brand chain has been incubated.

Personalized customization is an important part of the factory of the future, and a magic weapon for products to directly meet the needs of consumers.

However, traditional industries demand large-scale and low-cost. How to crack the crux of the high cost and slow response of small-batch and multi-batch products has become the empowering mission of the “5G Industrial Internet”.

Through the digital transformation of the 5G industrial Internet, Youngor (6.890, 0.06, 0.88%) has truly realized a series of digital “new models” such as intelligent production, networked collaboration, personalized customization, and service-oriented extension, which has achieved cost reduction and efficiency enhancement. , The new production mode of small SLR.

At present, Youngor’s advanced customization production cycle has been shortened from 7 days to 5 days, the batch order production cycle has been shortened from 45 days to 32 days, the work in progress has been shortened from 20 to 10 pieces, the material inventory cycle has been shortened by 15%, and the order delivery The cycle is shortened by 10%, and the production efficiency is increased by 25%.

Service-oriented extension and digital management can enable enterprises to narrow the distance with consumers through digitalization, obtain the “N-th handshake” opportunity, and demand performance from management and tap potential from within.

Haitian Group has built the world’s first factory with 5G networked injection molding machine manufacturing capabilities, realizing real-time collection of injection molding machine production data and remote distribution of upgrade programs. Serving users through 5G online marketing and remote maintenance.

Founder Mould’s 5G centralized control platform effectively solves the problems in production management, reduces enterprise management costs, and improves production efficiency.

From December 31, 2021 to January 3, 2022, Dongfang Finance organized a total of 4 “Pull the Clouds to See the Sun, Spring Blossoms” New Year’s Eve Orientation Series, covering both cross-border e-commerce, industrial Internet, etc. Frontier industries also involve new technologies such as digitization and 5G, and they have made wonderful analysis of foreign exchange markets, capital markets, and international trade. It can be said that they are full of dry goods and extremely inspiring.

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