1. Daily life using CNC Lathe Machine should be pay attention to what matters
  • ① Now in the field of machine tool processing, because of the new type CNC lathe machine processing compared with the traditional CNC Lathe machine processing, it has many advantages, Therefore using is increasingly widely , but the device is a collection of machine, electricity, liquid, gas, and many technology of equipment .After Failure and then smooth ruled out , repair has the certain difficulty. That requires the operators attention and prevention when he using CNC Lathe Machine , so it can reduce the risk of failure, improve the used efficiency of the CNC Lathe machine.
  • ② Before using, according to the CNC Lathe Machine using environment of the technical requirements for installation, the machine should be placed in relatively dust-free, constant temperature, constant temperature, although it is hard to do, but want to close to the use of such environment as far as possible, in addition,the machine after the installation is complete, under the condition of normal use, also must pay attention to the following content.
  • ③ Before using , please check the CNC Lathe Machine ,this way can reduce the malfunction and good effective before use.
  • ④ Before electricity ,please check CNC Lathe Machine appearance, Electric line and some external auxiliary equipment, if there were any abnormal situation ,Especially external auxiliary : with hydraulic station ,need to observe the hydraulic oil fluid is enough or not,With hydraulic system, to conduct regular air compressor, the drainage of gas pressure vessel, prevent accumulated too much moisture, inside the airflow leads in the machinetool, cause the corrosion of parts, or even damage.
  • ⑤ Electricity, according order of normal to the electricity,General power supply of machine tool numerical control system power — servo system power — loosen the stop button, and reduce the impact on the numerical control system of electrical components, prolong service life.
  • ⑥ After electrify, lubrication is no moving parts to keep normal operation of the track, reducing friction, improve the CNC Lathe Machine service life or lack of important condition. This is the request we must pay attention to check whether the amount of lubricating oil in the lubricating system is enough, when you don’t always timely supplement, and regularly check whether liquid filter blockage, check whether the oil is unobstructed, each point is normal with lubricating oil outflow.
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