C114 News October 15 (Nanshan) According to Taiwan media reports, TSMC President Wei Zhejia officially announced yesterday that it will build a new 12-inch wafer fab with a special process in Japan to provide 22nm and 28nm production capacity, and will receive support from the Japanese government and Japanese customers. support.

TSMC announced that it will build a new fab in Japan to target the 22/28nm process

The fab will start construction in 2022 and enter mass production in 2024, which can expand TSMC’s global footprint.

However, details such as investment scale and cooperation objects will not be disclosed until the board of directors discusses it. As for whether to build a factory with sole proprietorship, it is still uncertain.

Earlier, Japanese media reported that TSMC will cooperate with Japan’s Sony to build a fab with a total investment of 800 billion yen. There are also reports that Japanese companies such as Toyota Motor also participated in the investment.

In addition, it is said that the Japanese government has different opinions on 28nm, and there is a gap with the previously expected 7nm support, and there will be more considerations in terms of subsidies.

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