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Affected by the new coronavirus, unlike visiting temple fairs and gatherings with relatives and friends in the past, “staying at home” has become the main theme of the Chinese New Year for ordinary people this year. During the holidays, watching smart TVs and playing mobile phones are the most common choices for people to pass the time. Thanks to the large screen, the TV is more suitable for multiple people to coexist and share family relationships. Therefore, the TV operating rate has increased significantly during the Spring Festival this year.

High-viscosity continuous startup behavior solidifies user habits

When the habit is repeated in a predictable way, people can quickly develop the habit. “Home Holidays” smart TVs have high stickiness characteristics, and continuous power-on behavior will solidify user habits. In the traditional 7-day holiday, the proportion of households with a cumulative total of 7 days of continuous power-on is higher than 12.4% in the same period last year. It has become a holiday habit for nearly half of the families to wake up and turn on the TV every day. This habit is still maintained during the extended 3-day holiday, and 43% of households have been turned on continuously for 10 consecutive days. It can be seen that the necessity of smart TV for the family, coupled with its integration of information, audio, video and entertainment, greatly meets the recreational needs of users during this “home holiday”.

The word “house” runs through the Spring Festival, and the boot rate and boot time of smart TVs have increased significantly

The “home holiday” has greatly increased the viewing time of the Spring Festival. The average daily viewing time has increased by 110 minutes compared to usual. The average daily number of startups has also increased from 2.48 to nearly 3 times.

Children’s programs occupies a large proportion of the share

Cultivating the next generation of smart TVs is indispensable. Children’s content viewing accounts for a large proportion of the “home holiday”. Children’s content VV accounted for 12% higher than last year’s Spring Festival. The parents also made a huge sacrifice, giving the TV to the most important role in the family. If you can’t take them out to play, you have to use more content to coax the children as compensation.

It is worth noting that today, the fight against the pneumonia epidemic caused by the new coronavirus has reached a critical period. In order to cope with the epidemic prevention and control work, some provinces and cities have postponed the opening of schools, and off-campus training institutions have suspended offline training. Many schools have announced the postponement of the start of school, and the start time will be notified separately.

The start of classes can be postponed, so there is no delay in studying at home. The major smart TV operators have launched a large-screen learning model, opening up various sections from children to K12. The large-screen video curriculum system is complete, which not only meets short-term needs, but is also suitable for medium- and long-term child-assisted education. The rich educational content on the big screen allows children to be more knowledgeable to accompany them when they are at home.

Thunderbird Technology, a subsidiary of TCL Electronics (01070.HK), has joined hands with Tencent Video TV version·Aurora TV to integrate high-quality educational resources from many well-known institutions such as Penguin tutoring, learning and thinking, homework help, reading boy, Yifang Education, etc., for students It provides content similar to K12 teaching supplementary courses, parent-child education cloud classrooms, and fun animation courses.

Coocaa Networks particularly open education VIP rights. In the Coocaa system, scan the QR code to log in to the education channel activity page and receive the education VIP for free. From now until the resumption of class, you can learn such high-quality lessons as learning and thinking light lessons, reading lang, etc. The courses of the tutoring organization and the synchronized textbooks for primary, middle and high schools are free to learn.

Changhong actively utilizes the advantages of the large screen of smart TVs, and cooperates with Internet companies such as Tencent, iQiyi, Youku, etc., and companies focusing on the development and production of educational content resources through the rainbow collar gold system operated by its subsidiary Rainbow Cube Company to provide Changhong smart TV users Diversified, massive, high-quality educational content, and jointly launched the “home class” program, for pre-school, elementary and middle school students and other groups, 100 courses are provided free of charge, 20,000 minutes of quality courses, so that students at all levels across the country can attend classes at home.

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