The myth of creating wealth in the capital market is once again staged.

On January 3, 2022, SenseTime’s share price soared by 40.91%. As of the close of the day, the share price of SenseTime per share was reported at HK$7.75, which doubled the company’s listing price of HK$3.85. The company’s total market value reached 257.936 billion. Hong Kong dollar.

In the previous two trading days, SenseTime’s share price rose 33.17% and 7.27% respectively.

The stock price of SenseTime Group rose sharply to demonstrate the charm of the “first share of AI”. Pan Helin, executive dean of the Digital Economy Research Institute of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, told the Securities Daily reporter that the industry’s first stocks often gain more competitive advantages and are more likely to be favored by capital.

In Pan Helin’s view, the market’s biggest concern for artificial intelligence companies is that their profitability will not meet expectations, and revenue will not increase profits. Public data shows that despite the rapid expansion of the market scale of Shangtang Group and the increase in gross profit margin, the company is still at a loss. The upside of SenseTime’s share price means that the capital market has reached a consensus. Although artificial intelligence still has a long way to go, capital has already intended to “escort” it.

The Essence Securities Research Report analyzed the reasons why capital is optimistic about Shangtang Group. From the perspective of Essence Securities, looking forward to the future, the application scenarios of the AI ​​industry will be greatly enriched. Essence Securities believes that epidemic prevention and control will accelerate the formation of urban intelligent management awareness, and the penetration rate of smart city management will further increase; the development of 5G technology will accelerate the growth of smart hardware equipment, and smart cars and smart home applications will become new users Terminals are analogous to the evolution of smart phones, and their applications and services will rely heavily on the artificial intelligence ecosystem. “In the long run, the integration of the digital world and the real world will give birth to the meta-universe. As the core production factor of the meta-universe, the demand for artificial intelligence will further increase.”

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