Precision Parts Machining Indexable Milling Cutters Functions And Characteristics

There are many structures and varieties of indexable milling cutters, including various cemented carbide indexable face milling cutters, end mills, slot milling cutters, forming milling cutters and crankshaft milling cutters, etc. These milling cutters used in precision parts processing Although the shapes of the knives are different, the basic composition is the same, usually consisting of a knife body, a positioning element, a blade and a clamping element.

The Functions And Characteristics Of Precision Parts Machining Indexable Milling Cutters
The Functions And Characteristics Of Precision Parts Machining Indexable Milling Cutters 

The indexable milling cutter adopts a mechanical clamping method, and the indexable insert made of cemented carbide and other materials is directly fastened to the cutter body to form various forms of cutters.

The blade used has multiple cutting edges. When one cutting edge becomes blunt, only need to loosen the clamping element to exchange for a new cutting edge, and then continue cutting after re-clamping.

Indexable milling cutter has the following characteristics:

1. Good cutting performance and long tool life

  • 1) The mechanical clamping method is adopted, no welding is required, and defects caused by internal stress generated by high temperature during welding are avoided.
  • 2) The blade used has a certain shape and size and chip breaker during manufacturing, which can eliminate the defects caused by sharpening and regrinding and improve the life of the tool.
  • 3) The geometric parameters of various blades of the same model are consistent, and the cutting performance is stable. After the blade is indexed, the relative position of the cutting edge and the workpiece will not change, so that the quality of precision parts processing can be guaranteed.

2. High production efficiency and good economic benefits

  • 1) A higher milling speed and feed rate can be selected, and the superior cutting performance of indexable inserts such as cemented carbide can be fully utilized.
  • 2) Easy to use and unload, short tool change and tool setting time, save a lot of auxiliary time, and can adapt to the production needs of cnc machine tools and automatic production lines.
  • 3) Since the tool holder (knife body) can be used repeatedly, a large amount of tool holder (knife body) material can be saved, and the man-hour and equipment consumption required for tool manufacturing and sharpening can be reduced.
  • 4) When the cutting blades used for precision parts processing cannot support the production of precision, they can be recycled and reused, which is beneficial to reduce tool consumption costs and reduce production costs.

3.Simplify tool management

Simplifying tool management is conducive to the application of new tool materials and to the standardization and serialization of tools.

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