Reading Special Client·Shenzhen News Network, December 11 (Reporter Li Yilu) December 12-13, the first National Artificial Intelligence Innovation Application Competition Finals and Global (Shenzhen) Artificial Intelligence Ecological Summit will be held in Longhua District. Nearly a hundred teams from all over the country will compete for a million prizes together.

This competition is co-sponsored by China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, China Artificial Intelligence Industry Development Alliance, Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and Shenzhen Longhua District People’s Government. The theme is “Applications Empower Thousands of Industries, Innovation Leads Social Change” . Converge the country’s advanced artificial intelligence innovation technology and project applications.

It is reported that this competition will be carried out in an orderly manner from August 13 this year. The competition focuses on the two directions of “consolidating core industrial capabilities” + “application integration and innovation development”, attracting more than 9,000 entries from 32 provincial administrative regions across the country. . During the competition, through thematic sharing sessions, competition question training, competition Q&A and other activities, participants and AI technology industry enthusiasts will share the development trend of the field of artificial intelligence, and provide answers to the questions encountered by the players during the competition. There were 18 events, and the cumulative number of participants reached more than 35,000.

The Global (Shenzhen) Artificial Intelligence Ecological Summit will be held in the same period of the competition. The summit set up the main forum, artificial intelligence industry ecological forum, supply-demand docking empowerment activities, artificial intelligence special roadshows and other activities, focusing on the development trend of artificial intelligence technology and industrial ecological elements, aiming to promote artificial intelligence technology through supply-demand docking and innovative project roadshows Accelerate application landing. In addition, during the summit, Shenzhen’s artificial intelligence industry map and “Regional Artificial Intelligence Development Factors Research Report” will also be released.

It is reported that the main forum of the summit invited representatives from government departments, scientific research institutes, universities, leading companies in the AI ​​industry, and companies in traditional industries to attend and discuss the development trend of the technology industry. A number of leading experts including Pan Yunhe, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, CAAI Deputy Chairman, Dean of the School of Artificial Intelligence of Nanjing University, Zhou Zhihua, Academician of the European Academy of Sciences, Pan Yi, Foreign Academician of the National Academy of Engineering of Ukraine, and Yu Jian, Dean of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence of Beijing Jiaotong University, will focus on artificial intelligence Keynote speeches on technological development and future challenges and prospects; representatives of leading companies such as Huawei will bring the latest development trends in the AI ​​industry; representatives of artificial intelligence companies such as SenseTime, Yuntian Lifei, Yuncong Technology, Yuanrong Qixing, and Leju Robot will Roundtable discussion on the development of artificial intelligence scale engineering.

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