For companies in the chip industry chain, extreme weather has always been a big hidden danger, such as earthquakes, blizzards, floods, etc., all of which affect the global chip supply chain more or less.

If you pay attention, you will find that in the past few years, due to earthquakes, blizzards and other reasons, there have been many news of chip companies shutting down production and reducing production, especially for some key manufacturers. Once production is shut down, it will have a big impact.

The first fire of the new year, starting from ASML’s lithography machine, should be urgent for TSMC, Samsung, and intel

Recently, ASML, a lithography machine manufacturer related to the global chip industry, reported that a fire broke out in a factory in Berlin, Germany, which may affect the production and delivery of lithography machines after 2022.

The predecessor of this factory was Berliner Glas, which was acquired by ASML in 2020. It mainly manufactures optical systems for ASML’s lithography machines, including the core of the three major lithography machines: “wafer table, reticle chuck and mirror block”. part.

As for how big the loss is, ASML has not stated yet, saying that it will take a few days to evaluate the loss, but it is obvious that it will definitely affect ASML’s lithography machine.

Behind this fire, TSMC, Samsung, and Intel are anxious.

In 2022, TSMC and Samsung will enter 3nm, and Intel will also enter 5nm. These three major manufacturers urgently need EUV lithography machines in ASML. Only by obtaining EUV lithography machines can they rapidly expand production capacity.

It can even be said that who can buy EUV lithography machines from ASML the fastest and most, then whose production capacity will be guaranteed, and then will have more competitive advantages, especially for TSMC and Samsung. Advantage is very important, everyone wants to lead on 3nm.

Therefore, once the production of ASML’s lithography machine is affected, it will definitely have a huge impact on the three major manufacturers, because process upgrades and capacity expansion will be limited.

However, it is said that many of the lithography machines ordered by TSMC from ASML have arrived one after another, so when the news of the fire in ASML came out, TSMC’s stock price rose by 3.49% that day.

But it is undeniable that if ASML’s lithography machine production is really affected, it will have a huge impact on TSMC, Samsung, intel, and even the global chip industry chain. What do you think?

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