On April 27, according to a document filed by Tesla with Shanghai authorities, Tesla will add a new electric vehicle parts recycling facility at its Shanghai plant to repair and remanufacture vehicle electric motors and electric vehicles. key components such as batteries.

It is reported that Tesla is currently producing Model 3 and Model Y electric vehicles, and is also expanding the manufacturing capacity of EV components to localize the supply chain. Last year, Tesla added a factory in Shanghai that makes chargers for electric vehicles.

In addition, Tesla said on its website that the material in Tesla’s car batteries is recyclable, but did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In recent years, my country’s recycling and scrapping policies for electric vehicles have been continuously improved, especially in terms of power battery recycling. The promulgation of a series of documents such as the Interim Measures has clarified the dominant position of car companies in power battery recycling. After the car company completes the battery performance test, it will determine whether to use the battery for cascade utilization or recycling according to the status of the battery, and hand it over to the downstream battery recycling company. Tesla’s move to increase battery recycling facilities at its Shanghai Gigafactory is also in line with future trends.

In addition to adding recycling facilities, Tesla will add manufacturing capacity for body structural components and motor controllers to the Shanghai Gigafactory, but details of the plan have not been disclosed so far, in Tesla’s filing with Shanghai regulators. Considering that both the Berlin Gigafactory and the Texas Gigafactory will be equipped with battery factories, it does not rule out the possibility of Tesla building a 46800 battery production plant in Shanghai in the future.

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