Now, clothes dryers have been accepted by more and more consumers. In the beginning, the improvement demands of “southern rainy and damp” and “smoggy haze in the north” made clothes dryers known by people and entered the Chinese market; in the past two years, with the improvement of consumption power and the increase of health awareness, Our functional requirements for dryers are becoming more and more “fine” and “demanding”. “Drying” is no longer the only shopping criterion, and “brand” is no longer the only decision-making label. People pay more attention to the quality of the product itself and the superiority and convenience that the product brings to life.

Whirlpool is one of the largest manufacturers of white goods in the world; since its establishment a century ago, it has always focused on the research and development of smart technology and the manufacture of high-quality products. The reason why we say that the core competitiveness of products is technology, because every product upgrade is at the root of technology upgrade. Excellent technology can bring a better user experience to the product and create a good reputation.

This year, the Whirlpool Fresh care+ series of clothes dryers will be launched in March. As for the technical changes in this newly upgraded clothes dryer, let us find out!


Technology upgrade brings a better life experience, the new Whirlpool dryer is launched

Technological upgrade-stick to the wall constant temperature drying wool does not deform

Different from the inner drum tumbling drying technology of mainstream clothes dryers on the market, the brand-new Whirlpool clothes dryers focus on wall-to-wall drying, that is, the use of frequency conversion motor technology uses centrifugal force to make clothes close to the wall of the drum, preventing clothes from deforming due to rolling friction. Pilling, the protection of clothing is very intimate.

And its constant temperature drying is called the sixth sense low temperature drying, which is the Display of Whirlpool’s intelligent technology; the dryer has multiple temperature and humidity sensors built in to monitor the temperature and humidity changes in the drum in real time, collect data and use intelligent algorithms to stabilize drying The temperature keeps the temperature in the cylinder constant at all times, which can prevent excessive temperature from damaging the clothing material; it can be said that it has reached the standard of clothing maintenance.

With the support of wall drying + constant temperature drying technology, this Whirlpool dryer has obtained the WOOLMARK wool blue label certification from the International Wool Bureau. It is equivalent to the Oscar in the dryer industry, and the standard is very strict. So the delicate woolen sweaters can be dried with confidence, what else can’t be safely handed over to the Whirlpool dryer?


Technology upgrade brings a better life experience, the new Whirlpool dryer is launched

Technology upgrade two, the positive and negative shaking and drying of large pieces are also worry-free

Another technical upgrade of the new Whirlpool dryer is the positive and negative shaking and drying. It solves the problems of incomplete drying, uneven drying, and non-drying of large clothes and home textiles. Passed the inspection and certification of home textile drying effect by China Home Appliances Inspection Institute, the moisture content of bulky clothes after drying is less than 10%.

This technology mainly relies on the two-way rotation of the inner cylinder and the whale tail lifting ribs, so that the clothes are fully shaken, and they are in full contact with the hot air, so as to achieve a better drying effect. At the same time, Whirlpool upgraded the inner volume of the tube to 120L this time, which is 8L more than the mainstream 112L dryer on the market. Don’t underestimate the 8L space. With its blessing, large sheets and quilts can be dried. Fully stretched out, it can be baked more evenly inside and out. From then on, you don’t have to worry about rainy days or haze days. You can wash and bake at any time, and it’s a good helper when you bake and dry!

Will the increase in the inner volume of the cylinder affect the volume of the dryer? The answer is “no”. 60*60 floor tiles occupy an area, there is no space limit, and it can be placed in the bathroom or balcony according to the home environment.


Technology upgrade brings a better life experience, the new Whirlpool dryer is launched

Technology upgrade three anti-wrinkle and antibacterial + It doesn’t matter if you forget to take out the clothes

The concept of smart wardrobe technology stems from people’s demand for anti-wrinkle and antibacterial: sometimes we forget to take out the clothes after drying, sometimes we put the clothes in for drying at night, and then take them out in the morning. At this time, the clothes will be stacked for a long time. Wrinkles are formed together, and the fluffy feeling is also lost. Now these worries, Whirlpool Fresh care+ dryer can help us solve them all at once!

Within 6 hours after the end of the drying process, the Whirlpool dryer will intermittently rotate left and right in both directions, which can effectively prevent the clothes from wrinkling; at the same time, blowing in the gentle hot air keeps the inner dimension of the drum between 35-42℃, which can be effective Antibacterial. So even if you forget to take out the clothes, it doesn’t matter, the anti-wrinkle and antibacterial are uninterrupted, and the fluffy feeling is still maintained.

This special program is naturally also TOEFL Whirlpool’s intelligent technology. The intelligent perception system collects environmental data in the cylinder to stably maintain the temperature in the cylinder and issue operating instructions. Can’t help but give a compliment to this excellent!


The clothes dryer brings more convenience to our lives and also makes us realize the necessity of owning a clothes dryer.

The technical upgrade of Whirlpool’s Fresh care+ series of dryers has solved and met more consumers’ demand for use. A good home appliance can help people feel the improvement in the quality of life. Whirlpool has done it, and you are still waiting What?

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