On November 10th, storage manufacturer Beijing Tongyou Feiji Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Tongyou Technology”) issued an announcement stating that the company participated in a special industry customer “some storage equipment” organized by AVIC International Economic and Trade Development Co., Ltd. Procurement project” bidding.

Storage vendor Tongyou Technology won the bid for the 109 million yuan storage equipment procurement project

Image source: Screenshot of Tongyou Technology Announcement

According to the announcement, Tongyou Technology recently received the “Notice of Winning Bid” issued by AVIC International Economic and Trade Development Co., Ltd. The notice confirms that Tongyou Technology won the bid for the “Storage Equipment Procurement Project”.

Tongyou Technology pointed out that the winning bid for this time is 109 million yuan, accounting for 32.94% of the company’s 2020 audited operating income. The successful implementation of the successful bidding project will have a positive impact on the company’s 2021 and future operating performance. At the same time, the products that won the bid this time are all self-controllable storage devices, reflecting the company’s self-controllable products’ advantages in special industries.

In addition, Tongyou Technology stated that because the information related to the project involves state secrets, the company exempts the disclosure of the specific situation of the sales target in accordance with the relevant regulations on the external information disclosure of military industrial enterprises. Customers in this special industry have no relationship with the company, have good credit, and have the ability to perform contracts.

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