A few days ago, according to Korean media reports, SK Group plans to invest 700 billion won (approximately RMB 3.822 billion) in the silicon carbide semiconductor wafer business. After this news, SK Group threw two “pebbles” in the market, arousing Market waves.

SK Group’s two “stones” aroused SiC thousand layers of waves

Tyco Tianrun Series D financing, mysterious investors exposed

SiC wafer manufacturer Tyco Tianrun announced that its D round of financing has received joint assistance from a major international semiconductor manufacturer and Yuanhe Zhongyuan. The new follow-up investors also include old shareholders, TCL Ventures, and new shareholders, TCL Ventures.

It has recently been confirmed that this mysterious investor is SK Hynix Wuxi Investment Company. And this is also SK Hynix’s first investment in silicon carbide-related projects in China.

3.8 billion yuan!Hot demand for automotive SiC wafers

Last week, it was reported that SK Siltron CSS, a subsidiary of SK Group, will invest more than US$600 million (approximately RMB 3.828 billion) to expand its wafer production line in the United States.

SK Siltron said that the latest investment decision is to meet the growing demand for SiC wafers for electric vehicles.

In fact, SK Siltron CSS has previously planned an investment layout plan in the United States.

In July of this year, SK Siltron CSS announced that it plans to invest US$300 million in the next three years to create up to 150 high-paying and technical jobs in Bay County, Michigan, and to provide manufacturing and research and development of advanced materials for electric vehicles in the next three years. ability.

In 2025, the leader!

According to a businesskorea report, the holding company of the SK Group recently stated that it will invest 5.1 trillion won in the field of advanced materials by 2025, becoming the world’s leader in the advanced materials market. Among them, 700 billion won is used for SiC wafers.

It is reported that SK Group is paying close attention to the SiC power semiconductor market for electric vehicles. SK Group predicts that by 2025, the utilization rate of SiC semiconductors for electric vehicles will rise from the current 30% to more than 60%, and the SiC wafer market will expand from US$218 million in 2021 to US$811 million.

It is recognized in the industry that new energy vehicles will be the core strategic market for the third-generation semiconductor SiC/GaN.

According to TrendForce’s research, the total sales of new energy vehicles (including BEV and PHEV) in the first three quarters of 2021 (from January to September) reached 4.2 million units, of which 2.92 million units were pure electric vehicles (BEV). Growth rate is 153%

SK Group’s two “stones” aroused SiC thousand layers of waves

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