Austin, Texas, USA, December 2019-Silicon Labs (also known as “Silicon Technology”) was awarded the most popular award at the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) awards dinner for the fifth consecutive year. Respect the listed semiconductor company award (annual turnover is between 500 million and 1 billion US dollars). Silicon Labs is the world’s leading provider of chips, software and solutions, dedicated to providing products and services for a smarter and more connected world. Other industry awards that Silicon Labs won in 2019 include 4 outstanding product awards, 1 annual supplier recognition, and 4 cultural and community participation awards.

Megan Lueders, Chief Marketing Officer of Silicon Labs, said: “Our company actively encourages employees to pursue excellence in all aspects of the organization. This is reflected in the multiple industry awards we received this year. We are committed to the integrity of product development, workplace culture, and community participation. Sexuality, which makes Silicon Labs unique in the industry. The company’s leadership team has created an unsurpassed working environment to provide our customers with market-leading products and to promote continuous growth in our performance.

In addition to the awards listed below, Silicon Labs has also been certified by the Great Place to Work Institute as the best place to work in 2019/2020.

Enterprise and product innovation awards

Won the GSA Most Respected Listed Semiconductor Company Award (annual turnover is between 500 million and 1 billion US dollars)

Wireless Gecko’s second-generation platform won the ASPENCORE Global Electronic Achievement Award-RF/Wireless/Microwave Product of the Year Award

Wireless Gecko’s second-generation platform won annual awards such as the Smart Home MCU Excellent Product Award of China Electronics News

Bluetooth Xpress solution won indexPro-Japan Semiconductor Product Award

Wireless Gecko Wi-Fi series products won the Best Product Award in the Wireless Communications and Internet of Things (IoT) category from Embedded Computing Design

Excellent Supplier Award

Won the 2019 Supplier Award from Chamberlain Group

Workplace Culture and Community Participation Awards

Selected as the fifth best workplace of the year by Austin American-Statesman

Selected as the Top 20 Best Companies to Work for in Texas by Fortune Magazine (SME category)

Won Austin Business Journal’s Top 15 Best Workplaces of the Year

Won the Outstanding Corporate and Social Responsibility Award of the Greater Austin Chamber Business Award

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