· “CNC system digital transformation consulting services” tailored digital transformation strategies for customers

· “Workshop level data acquisition terminal service” can realize the effective connection of production network, upper network and third-party controller

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Siemens showcased the latest machine tool digital service product portfolio at the 2019 European International Machine Tool Show. Its “Numerical Control System Digital Transformation Consulting Service” can provide enterprises with tailor-made digital transformation consulting. Siemens organizes seminars to help companies determine the areas of action for digitalization and formulate digital transformation strategies. At the same time, it offers specific training courses for target groups to provide customers with more in-depth explanations and analysis to promote greater acceptance of digital transformation . Siemens “Workshop Level Data Acquisition Terminal Service” can provide customers with other services, including: users can connect SINUMERIK CNC systems and third-party suppliers’ controllers and automation solutions to the upper network through the gateway. “NC system digital transformation consulting service” and “workshop level data acquisition terminal service” are important components of Siemens’ digital motion control services, aiming to help customers successfully implement digital transformation.

Siemens “NC System Digital Transformation Consulting Service” will work with customers to tap the potential of digital transformation. The “digital evaluation service” can confirm the feasibility of the digital transformation of the company’s existing equipment and formulate a digital transformation roadmap. Once the standards of the “digital preparation” phase are reached, it will enter the “implementation phase” of the digital solution. Siemens uses the “data and process analysis” service to determine specific optimization measures, so that the production process can be improved in the “optimization stage”. The “Operation and Maintenance” service can ensure the high availability of machine tools and systems. As the entry point for the implementation of digital transformation, the new “CNC System Digital Transformation Consulting Service” process takes about one week, including pre-preparation and post-processing, as well as three-day intensive consultation with customers on site. During this period, Siemens experts will analyze the current situation of customers from the perspective of production, and customize digital transformation strategies for customers, so as to take concrete recommendations to optimize production.

Siemens “workshop level data acquisition terminal service” supports the connection of third-party controllers and old systems to the upper network. Siemens experts will define a suitable system architecture for customers according to their needs, and then install the necessary gateways on the industrial PC, install the clients required by the SINUMERIK CNC system on the machine tool, and optionally perform data before and after installation. Backup. By signing a connectivity operation and maintenance contract, customers can ensure that the connection is always up to date by installing patches and service packs. These services can help customers significantly improve production transparency, realize full networking of existing machine tools, and transfer data to different target systems in parallel.

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