On December 1, before the end of the Honor 60 series conference, CEO Zhao Ming’s words resonated with many fans: Looking back on the extraordinary 2021, Honor has walked out a “smile curve” that quickly returns to the center of the market with firmness and confidence. . Half a month later, on December 16, the anniversary of glory, fans from all over the world gathered online and told more “smile stories”. No matter how many dark moments have been experienced this year, the smile of glory left a deeper impression on the public. This kind of optimism and courageous spirit to face challenges has also become a topic that everyone talks about.

Glory speed is amazing

December 16th is an ordinary day, but it is also an extraordinary day. Glory held the “Future with Friends” 2021 Glory Anniversary Celebration and Glory X30 New Product Launch Conference. 2021 is an important year for Glory to move from the darkest moment to the light. For this anniversary, Glory has shown enough sincerity to celebrate global audiences, users and partners with everyone. This anniversary celebration set up 35 branch venues across the country simultaneously, which not only connects online and offline, but also fully reflects the glorious friend culture. It is with the help of many friends that Honor can achieve this anniversary miracle, drawing a smiling growth curve with strength.

2021 is a difficult year for the Chinese mobile phone market. Both the overall market and the high-end market are lacklustre. On the one hand, the overall market is declining, and the other is Apple’s destruction. In the middle of the year, it did not change the downward trend of the market in recent years, but gave up more high-end market share.

If there are any particularly big industry highlights, Glory obviously does its part. Starting from the low point of 3% market share, 66 days, resume cooperation with major partners in the global supply chain; 134 days, the integration is fully completed, and a new strategy is launched; 185 days, the joint Qualcomm official announced the world premiere of Qualcomm Snapdragon Dragon 778G chip; 211 days, the Honor 50 series was released, detonating the market and setting a sales record. Then, in just a few months, Honor restored its previous highest market share, began to sprint to a new peak, and realized the “smile” curve of market share rebound.

The new Honor X30 released at this anniversary is the latest product of Honor’s legendary series X series. This series has sold nearly 100 million units in a few years, and consumers have a reputation. Bo charged strongly. From the appearance design, it is also full of texture and has a great win.

From the development history, performance and market response of the past year, it can be seen that Honor has officially embarked on the right track of development, and at the same time, it has resumed its normal rhythm in terms of product repositioning and iteration. The “Glory Speed” that quickly reached the top of the Internet mobile phone throne before, after restarting the road to entrepreneurship after independence, once again fully demonstrated.

Glory speed once again exerts its power, first of all, it is inseparable from the trust, support and help of all walks of life. This is why Glory has set the theme of this anniversary celebration as “share the future with friends”. Whether it is the supply chain or market channels, consumers or fan groups, all have provided strong support for Honor’s re-launch. Of course, Honor’s own strength and hard work are also the key to completing the “smile curve”.

At present, the market has already recognized the strength of Honor’s products. The Honor 50 and 60 series have become absolutely explosive products in the 2000-4000 price range, and the Honor Magic 3 series’ high-end efforts have also been recognized by many consumers. It can be said that Glory has already been on the broad road to hit the leader of the industry.

Stupid bird spirit vie for the first place

For this anniversary celebration, Honor CEO Zhao Ming gave a very affectionate and constant opening speech, emphasizing that Honor’s success is due to the mentality of everyone in the team as an entrepreneur, regardless of the rewards, and the 211-day rush march finally let Honor Catch up with the big army and regained its place in the Chinese market.

Zhao Ming mentioned the “Stupid Bird Spirit” again this time. In my opinion, this is the most core spirit of Glory for so many years. As early as 2015, Zhao Ming put forward the “Stupid Bird Spirit” in response to the “Wind-mouthed Pig Theory”. “Spirit”, he said, “Glory does not wait for the outlet, but creates the outlet; it does not hesitate to invest heavily in research and development, insists on independent innovation, and accumulates accumulation; it gathers the world’s best resources to develop and design products to achieve the world’s top quality.”

It is also under the guidance of this spirit that Honor has gone from a start-up brand all the way to a high point in the industry. After being suppressed, the market share in 2021 was almost zero. It only took 211 days to return to the king. Its core core is The profound accumulation brought by the “Stupid Bird Spirit”, these years of accumulated innovative advantages and the construction of the entire industry chain circle of friends, are enough to help Honor to tide over such a huge difficulty, and this is a very rare piece in the entire mobile phone industry. matter.

What is the “stupid spirit”? Zhao Ming gave an explanation: it is to take the places that others find difficult as the direction of flight, and achieve the ultimate in the field where he is best. For example, the integration of the system and Qualcomm chips is beyond everyone’s expectations. The Honor Magic 3 series released by Honor in August integrates many traditional technical advantages of Honor Link Turbo, OS Turbo, and GPU Turbo, plus system-level adjustments and platform-level reconstructions, creating a In terms of user experience, it can be regarded as a true technology all-around flagship product, which not only allows consumers to recognize the ultimate of this product, but also becomes one of the most successful Android flagships in the Chinese market in 2021.

The Honor 50 series, a benchmark product of aesthetic design, has once again achieved leadership in design aesthetics. Once it was released, it triggered a buying frenzy, and it has been dominating the 2,000-4,000 yuan stall for several months. The newly released Honor 60 series has made persistent efforts and continued to improve, and it is currently on sale. The design of Honor X30 is even better in my opinion. On X30, the familiar star ring design has become more noble and atmospheric, giving people a super flagship feeling. And this product has the narrowest frame in the industry, is equipped with a larger capacity battery, 66W fast charge five-fold certification, and the workmanship is extremely reliable, which is really admirable.

The glory characteristics of extreme aesthetics, extreme technology, and extreme experience are the core of Glory’s recognition by consumers, and it is also the long-term manifestation of Glory’s stupid spirit. It is precisely because of the multi-dimensional and multi-level advantages accumulated over the years that Glory truly has the strength and accumulation to meet the storm. And as everything is on the right track, I believe there will be a greater leap in Honor next year.

There will be times when riding the wind and waves

No matter how cold the winter is, it will eventually pass. Glory faces all the difficulties with a smile, and uses the certainty of continuously strengthening its own ability to deal with the uncertainty of the future. Even at the lowest point, Glory is still full of confidence, smiling, step by step, turning adversity into prosperity. I think this spirit and practice is worthy of reference and study. The unconditional trust and support of users, industry chain partners, and channel partners behind it shows that Honor’s previous seriousness and hard work were not in vain.

However, despite the great success of Honor, it must be noted that the huge impact the domestic mobile phone industry is facing is still an objective fact. Consumers did not switch to other Android brands after buying Huawei and Honor, as everyone thought, but chose to buy Apple products to join the iOS camp. Obviously, this is the next greater challenge that the glory that aims to hit the high-end and compete with the strongest in the higher field must face. The brand competition in Wo Li Heng is actually meaningless. It is the true value and meaning that can defeat Apple products at the product level. The industry needs someone to stand up and a strong leader. I believe that with the acceleration of Honor’s product iteration and continuous investment in research and development, a new era can be opened up for the Chinese mobile phone industry.

At this anniversary celebration, in addition to the release of new products, Honor and the State Sports General Administration Winter Sports Management Center announced the official announcement, officially becoming the sponsor of China Ice and Snow Technology, and the news of the Chinese National Short Track Speed ​​Skating Team’s smartphone and terminal sponsors It is also refreshing. The Winter Olympics is about to open. The help of Glory will obviously give Chinese athletes a stronger backing support, and they have been continuously deploying in the field of sports and health, and have a very advantageous glory. I believe this time will bring you another one. A feast of brand explosion.

At the same time, at this anniversary celebration, Glory also announced the list of outstanding works and recommended works for the first “Honor Magic Moments Awards” annual photographer award, and displayed the “HONOR Talents Global Design Competition” Many winning works. This is also a very important part of the Honor brand activities, which will greatly help Honor establish a long-term influence on the image.

With the end of the year approaching and the beginning of the new year, the new Honor X series will be launched. In terms of the most critical products, Honor has fully entered a normal state of iteration. This also means that more competitive products will continue to come from the Honor platform. Toward thousands of households. Looking to the future, it is a good thing for such a strong competitor to appear in the mobile phone market and brands. As Zhao Ming said in his speech, no matter how cold winter is, the glory of the future will be created with friends.

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