On March 27, Shanghai HiSilicon recently signed an authorization cooperation agreement with Ailian, a subsidiary of Changhong Holding Group, for 5G industrial modules. This is the first partner authorization of Shanghai HiSilicon in the world. The two parties will give full play to the advantages of 5G module middleware, accelerate the large-scale commercial use of 5G in intelligent manufacturing, multimedia, energy, transportation and other fields, and jointly promote the intelligent digital transformation of traditional manufacturing.

Relying on the 5G advantages of Shanghai HiSilicon, Changhong has successfully launched the first 5G industrial Internet professional module based on the experience accumulated by Ailian in the field of connection over the years, which has accelerated the implementation of Changhong’s “5G intelligent manufacturing production line”. It is understood that the production line widely applies 5G and industrial Internet technologies such as industrial robots, machine vision, edge computing, etc., and fully integrates production informatization, intelligent equipment, raw material logistics transmission and other systems, improving the manufacturing capacity of multi-batch and small-batch orders. Finally, the compatible operation of personalized customization and mass production is realized.

At present, the 5G intelligent manufacturing production line jointly built by Shanghai HiSilicon and Changhong has been officially put into production on a large scale, opening a new era of commercial 5G industrial modules. Since its trial operation in January 2020, the production line has produced a total of 250,000 smart TVs. Through the effective collaboration of various 5G industrial solutions, the efficiency has been increased by 60%.

As a key component of the bearer terminal access network, the 5G module has high development difficulty, long development cycle and diversified industry demands, which have become the bottleneck restricting the large-scale application of 5G in the industry. “Based on the HiSilicon 5G module middleware, Changhong Holdings and Shanghai HiSilicon have reached a strategic cooperation in modules and terminal applications, and have achieved important results.” Duan Enchuan, general manager of Changhong Ailian, said that Ailian has launched a global The first 5G video professional module, 5G industrial Internet professional module and 5G smart transportation professional module, which are widely used in many fields including 5G 8K TV, 5G industrial production line, intelligent transportation, etc. Open new space.

Zhao Yong, chairman of Changhong Holding Group, said that based on the comprehensive consideration of the same strategic direction, complementary strategic positioning, and synergy of strategic resources, the two parties have reached an all-round, multi-field and in-depth cooperation. It is hoped that the two parties will use this signing as a new starting point to further strengthen the integration of resources, give full play to their leading roles in their respective fields, complement each other’s advantages, and promote the large-scale commercial use of 5G, so as to achieve a win-win situation for both parties.

It is the general trend to establish a high-speed and low-latency IoT access capability based on 5G. Shanghai HiSilicon is committed to building standard 5G module middleware capabilities, fully opening up to vertical industries and consumer fields, and accelerating 5G industrial-scale applications. Xiong Wei, President of Shanghai HiSilicon, said at the signing ceremony that after the signing of the 5G authorization cooperation agreement, the two parties will further accelerate the process of large-scale commercial use of 5G, build a prosperous 5G ecosystem, and promote the healthy and rapid development of various fields.

The relevant person in charge of Changhong Holding Group said that relying on the advancement of the “5G Industry and Application Development Index”, Changhong will continue to integrate “industry-university-research” resources such as scientific research institutions and universities to contribute to the country’s new 5G infrastructure and contribute to the intelligent digital transformation of thousands of industries. make new contributions.

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