The first domestic 79-81GHz millimeter-wave radar (abbreviation: 80GHz ultra-range millimeter-wave radar), with product features such as kilometer-level detection distance, centimeter-level positioning accuracy, 60ms ultra-low latency, and strong anti-interference ability, it has been achieved by the provincial and ministerial level. Appraisal, the technology has reached the leading level in the industry.

With the vigorous development of domestic smart transportation construction, millimeter-wave radar, as one of the indispensable core sensors of traffic sensing facilities, has received more and more attention from the transportation industry. At the same time, the increasingly complex road traffic environment has also prompted my country’s requirements for intelligent traffic management systems to develop toward intelligence, comprehensiveness, accuracy, and real-time. To meet this requirement, we must rely on reliable, real-time and accurate urban traffic detection data. The technical advantages of millimeter wave radar have extremely important applications in the field of intelligent transportation.

On December 7th, at the “16th China Intelligent Transportation Annual Conference and 2021 China Intelligent Transportation Conference” held in Changsha, Beijing Institute of Technology, a subsidiary of Recco Defense (stock code: 002413), a leading domestic private Electronic technology company (Abbreviation: Science & Technology Ruixing) officially released 80GHz ultra-distance millimeter-wave traffic radar, breaking through a number of technical barriers, and its data parameters are at the leading level in the industry. At the conference site where guests gathered, the product veil was officially unveiled, and its performance and application Shows multiple bright spots.

Fast response and action landing forward-looking layout

At the end of March this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the “Interim Regulations on the Management of Automotive Radar Radio (Draft for Comment)” (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”), which was formally issued on December 6. It is required to strengthen the radio management of automotive radars, use the 76-79GHz frequency band planning for automotive radars, and other ground radar equipment is not allowed to use automotive radar frequency bands, so as to avoid and reduce harmful interference between automotive radars and other radio services or radio stations (stations) , To ensure traffic safety, thereby accelerating the application of automotive intelligent technology and the development of the intelligent network industry.

According to authoritative analysis, the implementation of the “Regulations” will have a profound impact on the development and layout of my country’s automotive radar and traffic radar. With the continuous development of intelligent network technology, autonomous driving and unmanned driving have gradually become the mainstream trend of smart transportation. This requires vehicle-road collaboration, fusion of perception, and the creation of a safe and efficient transportation ecology. At present, many domestic millimeter-wave traffic radars share frequency bands with automotive radars, and even some traffic radars are modified from automotive radars. Expert test results show that there is widespread interference in the same frequency band between the two, reducing the cost of intelligent transportation. safety.

With years of technical precipitation and talent accumulation in the radar field, Recco Defense has independently developed 79-81GHz high-frequency millimeter-wave traffic radar products that can greatly reduce mutual interference with automotive radars and avoid traffic safety hazards due to shared frequency bands. Or accidents, while clearing obstacles for autonomous driving and unmanned driving, is a veritable forward-looking radar product.

Break through technical barriers and take into account the performance of multiple high-standard products

The development of intelligent transportation is in full swing, which also requires enterprises to use new standards and new concepts to innovate and explore, and promote the landing of technological products that are in line with the future development of intelligent transportation. Recco’s 80GHz ultra-distance millimeter wave traffic radar is led by the innovative team of academician Mao Erke, and is jointly developed with Hebei Transportation Planning and Design Institute. A number of national chief scientists, doctors and other senior high-end talents in the radar field participated in the design. Relying on Lei KD has been deeply engaged in radar technology for many years, breaking through the traditional technical barriers, and finally launched high-standard performance products that take into account detection range, detection accuracy, anti-interference, and stability.

Ms. Jin Ye, general manager of Science & Technology Ruixing, stated in the keynote speech that 80GHz ultra-distance millimeter-wave traffic radar has the following characteristics: in terms of detection distance, it breaks through the detection distance of traditional ultra-distance radars of 500-1000 meters, and the product is upgraded in the 80GHz frequency band. At the same time, the detection distance of 1000-1500 meters can be improved; in terms of positioning accuracy, even if the detection distance is kilometers, the product can still maintain a high precision standard of 0.2 meters; because the 80GHz radar frequency band is used, it does not overlap with the frequency band used by automotive radars. Interference performance is more excellent; and the output frequency parameter, 80GHz ultra-distance millimeter wave traffic radar can complete an output within 60 milliseconds, which is much lower than the normal market standard of 100 milliseconds, and thus achieves ultra-low latency; national third-party inspection agency Performance testing provides an important guarantee for the stability of the product. Before the product goes on the market, it must go through a number of strict tests such as waterproof test, DVPV test, seismic test, impact test, etc. and issue a third-party test report. The service life can reach 2- 5 years.

Million-level mass production has achieved product application landing

It is reported that the two production lines of Recco Defense will be completed and put into operation by the end of the year, which will meet the needs of the million-scale market. At present, the 80GHz ultra-distance millimeter-wave traffic radar has been put into use on many major highways such as the Rongwu New Line, the first phase of Jingde, and the Yanchong Expressway in the external backbone road network of Xiongan New District. Taking the Xiongan New Area Expressway as an example, the layout of the entire region’s ultra-distance millimeter-wave traffic radar has been completed, and the entire region’s commercial network has been realized at the same time. When the car enters a high speed, it continuously tracks and locates the same target object’s unique ID through multi-radar linkage. It also supports multi-target detection, model recognition, flow density statistics, event detection and other functions to achieve lane-level guidance and help wisdom Traffic management provides important technical product support for the creation of Xiongan Expressway “National Major Demonstration Model Smart Expressway Project”.

Recco Defense stated that the rapid development of smart network and unmanned driving technology has put forward higher requirements and challenges for the company. In the future, it will actively expand the research and development and application of other frequency band radar products, explore and meet the needs of the market, and continue to develop higher Frequency band and higher precision millimeter-wave radar products play an important role in the development of smart transportation in my country.

About Lecco Defense:

Recco Defense is a listed company listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code 002413). It specializes in radar systems, intelligent control, satellite applications, secure storage, intelligent networking and other industries, and masters new system radars and high-speed real-time radar signals. A high-tech company that develops, designs, and manufactures core technologies and products such as processing, full-frequency phased arrays, independent controllable secure storage, and multi-source remote sensing information processing algorithms.

Recco Defense practices the corporate spirit of “national, team, hard work, and innovation”, adheres to innovation-led, integrated development, and has long been committed to serving various industries and fields of the national economy, and has made important contributions to social and economic development.

About Polytech

Science and Technology Ruixing is a high-tech enterprise set up by the innovation team of Beijing Academician Mao Erke under Recco Defense. It has a profound professional background in millimeter wave radar technology. The main business is solutions such as automotive millimeter wave radar and intelligent networked traffic scene radar. Based on the accumulation of technology in the field of military millimeter wave radar and some core key technologies, Science & Technology Ruixing can realize target detection in the vehicle driving environment under all working conditions. Form a complete set of industry solutions for advanced assisted driving, unmanned driving, and intelligent networking. Product indicators and performance are at the leading level in China.

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