According to reports, the US chip giant Qualcom recently stated to the outside world that if Nvidia’s $40 billion acquisition of British chip design company Arm is stopped by regulators, it will be open to suggestions for investing in Arm.

The media reported on Sunday that Qualcomm’s incoming CEO Cristiano Amon has stated that if Arm’s current owner SoftBank (SoftBank) decides to list it instead of selling it to Nvidia, Qualcomm will be willing Purchase Arm’s shares with investors in other industries.

Amon also added that Qualcomm “will definitely be open to investing in Arm” and that the company has “discussed with other companies that have the same idea.”

When the media tried to contact Qualcomm, Nvidia and Arm about this news, Qualcomm declined to comment. Nvidia said that the IPO was not enough to support Arm’s growth, and Arm did not immediately respond.

An Nvidia spokesperson said that if Arm wants to realize its full potential, it needs more than an IPO. The spokesperson said: “Arm needs to inject new technology and provide this technology to chip architecture license holders around the world, which is why we are willing to acquire Arm.” “Our technology and Qualcomm’s technology Highly complementary, we welcome Qualcomm to work with us to create new technologies and products for the entire Arm ecosystem.”

Arm was spun off from an early computer company called Acorn Computers in 1990. The energy-saving chip architecture designed by the company is used in 95% of smartphones worldwide. Arm licenses its chip architecture to more than 500 companies, and these companies use these chip architectures to manufacture their own chips.

Nvidia announced in September last year that it would acquire Arm, and the entire process is expected to take 18 months. But since then, Qualcomm has been telling regulators that it opposes the transaction. In addition, Microsoft and Google also opposed the deal.

All three companies believe that Nvidia may become the gatekeeper of Arm technology through this acquisition and prevent other chip manufacturers from using the company’s intellectual property rights. They questioned that Nvidia might prevent the outside world from obtaining Arm-designed chip architecture.

Nvidia has repeatedly stated that it will maintain Arm’s open licensing model and will invest heavily in Arm’s Cambridge headquarters in the UK.

Currently, the US Federal Trade Commission, the European Commission, the UK Competition and Market Administration and other market regulatory agencies are investigating the acquisition.


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