Because the Xingjingtai MT3612 switching power supply chip is becoming more and more out of stock, more and more customers are looking for UnionPay to ask if there is a chip that can replace this material. The following is a switching power supply chip that UnionPay recommends in stock. The one that can replace this material is UnionPay U6351E. The following three points are introduced to let you know about our U6351E.

1. Why can the switching power supply chip U6351E replace Xingjingtai MT3612?

The switching power supply chip U6351E is controlled by QR-PSR. The patented “constant voltage flattening” technology and OCP compensation achieve ±4% constant voltage and constant current high precision. It is a quasi-resonant primary side controller for standby power consumption. The chip is in the primary-side feedback working mode, and the patented “zero-voltage on-load start-up” can realize the no-load loss of the chip. NC-Cap/PSR-II achieves excellent EMI and no abnormal sound technology to effectively reduce abnormal sound. The chip provides intelligent protection functions, built-in undervoltage protection, overvoltage protection, output overvoltage protection, and output short circuit protection.

2. Can the switching power supply chip U6351E replace the characteristics of Xingjingtai MT3612?

1. Efficiency meets the requirements of level 6 energy efficiency 2. Built-in 700V power transistor 3. Built-in feedback pin (FB) short circuit protection 4. Built-in patented line loss compensation to improve mass production accuracy 5. Built-in fast dynamic response control 6. Automatically compensate input voltage . Change in inductance and inductance to achieve high precision 7. Built-in soft start, startup current, pin floating protection 8. Cycle-by-cycle current limit, built-in leading edge blanking

3. Where can the switching power supply chip U6351E replace Xingjingtai MT3612? Cell phone/digital camera chargers, low-power power adapters, auxiliary power supplies for computers and TV sets, alternative to linear regulators or RCCs.

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