On November 5, 2019, Mouser Electronics, a distributor of Electronic components focused on introducing new products to drive industry innovation, is now stocking Texas Instruments (TI)’s TPS3840 series of Nanopower high input voltage supervisors. The TPS3840 device is a reset IC that operates up to 10 V and maintains very low quiescent current under all operating conditions. The device combines extremely low power consumption, high accuracy, and low propagation delay to help extend battery life in a variety of low-power, industrial, and battery-powered applications.

TI’s TPS3840 voltage supervisor from Mouser Electronics uses a wide input voltage range of 1.5 V to 10 V to monitor a 9 V rail or battery without external components, or a 24 V rail with external resistors . The device features a typical 350 nA nano-quiescent current (nano-Iq), extending battery life in low-power applications and reducing power consumption when using external resistors. Consuming less than 1 μA, this IC can be configured as a comparator (in a simple three-pin configuration) or as a daisy-chained general-purpose power supply monitor that acts as a sequencer.

The device has an extremely low startup delay that detects voltage faults before the rest of the system powers up, maximizing safety during hazardous startup fault conditions. In addition, its extremely low power-on-reset (VPOR) prevents false-positive resets, prematurely enabling or turning on the next device, and properly controls transistors on power-up and power-down. Other features include 1% typical supervisory threshold accuracy, built-in anti-jam protection for manual reset and VDD, built-in hysteresis, and low open-drain output leakage current.

Housed in an industry-standard five-pin SOT-23 package, the TPS3840 voltage supervisor has three output topology options: open-drain, active-low (TPS3840DL); push-pull, active-low (TPS3840PL); and push-pull, high-voltage level valid (TPS3840PH). The device targets power management applications including grid infrastructure such as circuit breakers, smart meters and other monitoring and protection devices, factory and building automation, electronic point-of-sale equipment, and portable and battery-powered systems.

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