Lightwave Innovation Reviews reviews and commends excellent products, services and technologies applicable to optical networks. Technology developers are invited to submit new or recently upgraded products or services, which will be rated by an independent review team. This year’s jury included managers from network operators, technology suppliers, and industry research and analysis companies. Each item must be reviewed by at least three judges. Based on the innovation and potential contribution to the customer’s success, these judges graded each item on a scale of 1 to 5. Entries with an average score of not less than 3.5 can qualify as winners. Molex received a 5-point winner qualification.

Stephen Hardy, Editor-in-Chief of Lightwave Magazine and Project Manager of Lightwave Innovation Reviews 2020, said: “I sincerely congratulate Molex on getting 5 points. This project recognizes and rewards the top products and services provided to the optical communications industry. Lumalink Tracking Optical Cables The component’s qualification as a winner is a good testament to Molex’s ability to innovate.”

The Lumalink tracking optical cable assembly is equipped with a high-density MPO connector, which uses a fully illuminated design for the entire optical cable, which can provide 100% visual recognition for the starting point and ending point, alternate storage locations and routing, and facilitate advanced optical cable management operations. It can assist the technicians in the data center to perform fiber optic cable identification, fiber optic cable management and high-density interconnection work.


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