The following are the last two cases of milling machines in the first half of 2014.

F. Product prices are still sluggish, and inventory pressures need to be vigilant:

Affected by insufficient demand, competition in the machinery product market has become more intense, and the overall price level has continued the downturn of last year. As of June, the cumulative price index of machinery has fallen by 10% to less than 10%. However, since the beginning of this year, the price index has continued to fall in the previous trend, and has improved. The cumulative price index in January has increased from 98.7% in June to 98.9%, but the overall growth has been weak. Focus on monitoring 142 kinds of products, 79 kinds of price cuts, accounting for 55.63%.

In addition, since the beginning of the industrial machinery inventory CNC machining center, especially the finished product inventory has increased at a high level, and it is showing a trend of higher month by month. 1-2 The inventory of finished products has increased by 11.72%, from January to June it has risen to 15.06%, which requires necessary attention and vigilance.

G. Order fluctuations of key companies:

According to machines related to statistical data, this year’s focus on corporate orders has increased volatility. A quarterly survey focusing on industrial machinery orders showed signs of a rebound in companies. From January 7 to February 1, an increase of 8.35% to 0 On the 1st. However, in the second quarter, the growth rate of orders dropped significantly. From January to June, it only increased by 7.65%, which was a decrease of 3.02% from the first quarter. The weak market demand requires close attention to the end.

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