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C. Stable investment in fixed assets:

In the first half of the year, fixed asset investment in the machinery industry was 1.99 trillion yuan, an increase of 15.74%. From January to February, the investment growth rate at the beginning of the year fell sharply from the previous year, 1.49 percentage points lower than the same period last year, and the cumulative increase for the past month was 1.49 percentage points higher than the same period last year by 1.65 percentage points. The growth rate of fixed asset investment in June was 17.88%, indicating that the company’s market expectations have improved.

D. The foreign trade situation is better than last year:

In the first half of this year, the import and export trade situation of industrial machinery (increased by 8.87%) was better than last year. Imports were US$155.9 billion, an increase of 109.6%; exports were US$191.7 billion, a year-on-year increase of 72.2%, an increase of nearly 6 percentage points; a trade surplus of 35.8 billion US dollars.

General trade exports performed well in the first half of the year. The total export volume was US$112.2 billion, an increase of 8.94%, which was 1.72 percentage points higher than the average growth rate of industrial machinery exports and 4 percentage points higher than the growth rate of industrial machinery exports 1.72 percentage points.

Although the foreign trade situation of the machinery industry (machinery center) was good in the first half of the year, with the increasingly fierce competition in the international market, domestic enterprises need to be fully prepared for future changes in the international market.

E. The financial start-up costs of recovering rebound, accounts receivable continue to be high:

The growth rate of the machinery industry this year has significantly increased financial costs compared to the previous year. Since March, the cumulative growth rate of financial costs has always been higher than 18%. It has fallen to 15.62% from January to June, which is higher than 13.96% in the same period last year. The financing environment for machinery industry enterprises is still severe.

Under the influence of multiple factors such as insufficient demand and rising financing costs, industrial machinery accounts receivable continued to maintain a high level and showed monthly growth, totaling 3.27 trillion yuan from January to June, accounting for 327 million yuan. In field investigations, the recovery of difficult points of receivable companies generally reflects the problem. In the recovery of accounts receivable, the receiving proportion has increased significantly, which further intensified the financing pressure of companies.

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