(Global TMT News November 2, 2021) Mendix, a Siemens business, a global leader in enterprise low-code application development, released a survey report on the current status of global low-code development, that is, “The Status of Low-Code 2021: Looking Back at the Past and Looking Forward to the Future.”

Since its launch in May 2021, 2025 IT technicians and IT decision makers from the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and China have participated in the survey.

Mendix research shows: China will replace the United States as a global leader in low-code development

Since last year, the global epidemic has completely overturned the entire world, prompting companies to actively explore digital transformation, and the Chinese market is no exception. According to the survey report, 59% of respondents said that the speed of digital transformation brought about by the epidemic has exceeded their expectations, and companies have gradually realized that the software development model they used to be accustomed to can no longer meet the growing demand. Therefore, it has become a consensus to actively embrace low-code development technology. 85% of IT decision makers said that low-code is a trend that should not be missed.

In this research report, the research results of the Chinese market are consistent with the global results, but they have also shown strong development momentum and great potential in many fields. The important research results of this research are as follows:

93% of IT staff said that companies will accelerate the speed of software development, higher than the United States (90%) and much higher than Europe (74%) 86% of the respondents said that the company’s demand for developers has reached an intense level. 58% of software development projects can be delivered on time or even ahead of schedule, much higher than the United States (28%) and Europe (19%), but 42% of software development projects are still behind schedule, and 56% of IT technicians say they are working The backlog is increasing. 89% of companies that are using low code said that the epidemic has promoted the use of low code technology, higher than the United States (83%) and Europe (78%).Interviewed IT technicians said that nearly half (44%) of daily development work can be completed on low-code platforms

Globally, 77% of surveyed companies are already using low-code development platforms. The Chinese market is no exception. 89% of companies using low-code platforms said that the epidemic has accelerated their use of low-code technologies. More importantly, in companies that use low-code, the use of low-code in mission-critical applications (39%) is quickly catching up with more conventional applications such as data modeling and visualization.

Among the respondents, four-fifths of American companies have adopted low codes, while in China, this proportion is 75%. Although there is still a slight gap with the US market, the future development potential of the Chinese market cannot be underestimated. The survey results show the vigorous development and forward-looking exploration of the Chinese market. As companies actively embrace low-code, China is expected to surpass the United States to become a global leader in the field of low-code.

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