The following are the development trends of the machine center in the first half of 2014.

2. Promote the innovative development of domestic high-end equipment

There are new achievements in high-end equipment innovation. The domestically-made ±800KV high-voltage DC converter transformer technology passed the new product appraisal, marking that China has mastered the world’s highest level of independent converter transformer independent design and manufacturing technology, and has made significant progress in the independent improvement of DC equipment. Used for domestic UHV transmission and distribution projects ±1100KV DC dry smoothing reactor, 1000KV AC transformer bushing complete technical appraisal, ±186KV and ±400KV converter product bushing appraisal; large pumped storage independent of key control equipment New progress has been made in the installation; the domestic market share of the domestic industrial DCS control system continues to rise.

3. Market demand orientation, business transformation and upgrading, and force enhancement

In order to meet the needs of vmc users, the machinery manufacturing industry in the service industry accelerates the expansion of services for more and more design agencies in the industry, and will provide collection factories, processes and production lines as one of the owners of the main solutions for economic benefits.

Many companies will explore new development models based on the concepts of capital, global resource integration, networking, and the introduction of intelligence in advanced machinery industries.

What are your important views on the above-mentioned machining center trends?