Liu Guorui was elected as the first Chinese chairman in IEEE history with 21,120 votes and will start his post on January 1, 2022.

On October 13th, Beijing time, the International Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) officially released the 2020 election results. KJ RAY LIU, a tenured professor at the University of Maryland and a Chinese scholar, was elected as the 2021 IEEE chairman designate.

Liu Guorui, the first Chinese chairman in IEEE history and a tenured professor at the University of Maryland, was elected

According to the official announcement, Liu Guorui won the presidential election with 21,120 votes and will start to serve as IEEE chairman on January 1, 2022. He will succeed Susan K. “Kathy” Land, who will end his term in 2021. In addition, the other two candidates for IEEE chairman are Saifur Rahman (15,781 votes) and SK Ramesh (12,852 votes).

Liu Guorui, the first Chinese chairman in IEEE history and a tenured professor at the University of Maryland, was elected

IEEE is the world’s largest non-profit professional technical society with more than 400,000 members in more than 160 countries. IEEE is committed to the development and research of electrical, Electronic, computer engineering and science-related fields. It has formulated more than 900 industry standards in the fields of aerospace, information technology, power and consumer electronics, which is of great influence. International academic organization. This is the first time in IEEE history that a Chinese person has been elected as chairman.

Liu Guorui received a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from National Taiwan University in 1983 and a doctorate in electrical engineering from the University of California, Los Angeles in 1990. Distinguished professor at the University of Maryland, USA, AAAS Fellow and IEEE Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Member of the European Research Council of the European Union, the Science and Engineering Technology Review Group of the Finnish Academy of Sciences, the Australian National Science and Engineering Research Review Group and the Strategic Development Consultant of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Committee member, consultant professor of Northwestern Polytechnical University.

His research covers the field of signal processing and communication technology, and has published more than 10 monographs on high-performance large-scale signal processing, digital video coding systems, ultra-wideband communications, array signal processing and sensor networks, cognitive radio networking and security. He has published more than 800 papers and made outstanding contributions in the fields of signal processing, communication, information forensics, etc. The signal processing research he led was selected as the “7 Information Technologies that will have a significant impact on mankind” on the 125th anniversary of IEEE in 2009 one.

Liu Guorui served as the chairman of the IEEE Signal Processing Society (2012-2013, elected chairman 2010-2011, vice chairman 2006-2008), one of the founders of the Asia Pacific Signal and Information Processing Association, and the chief editor of IEEE Signal Processing Magazine (2003-2005) (IEEE Signal Processing Magazine has become the journal with the highest impact factor in electrical and electronic under the leadership of Professor Liu Guorui).

He has won two IEEE technology awards. He was awarded the 2021 IEEE Fourier Signal Processing Award for “Outstanding Leadership and Pioneering Contributions in Wireless Sensing and Communication Signal Processing”, and was awarded the IEEE Leon K. Kirchmayer graduate student in 2016. Teaching award. In addition, Liu Guorui is also the founder of Origin Wireless, and pioneered wireless AI technology for wireless sensing and indoor positioning.

In the past, most of the IEEE chairmen came from Europe and the United States.Liu Guorui is also the second IEEE chairman from Asia after Toshio Fukuda. Toshio Fukuda is a full-time professor, doctoral supervisor of Beijing Institute of Technology, and a foreign academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In November 2018, he was elected as the 2020 IEEE Chairman.

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