Changjiang Daily News from Wuhan Client Welding robot automatically welds steel skeletons, mold cleaning and spraying robots efficiently clean molds, spray mold release agents, independent steam curing cellars intelligent temperature control and maintenance of concrete segments… December 23, located in Jiangxia District The new intelligent prefabricated construction industrial base of Wuhan Zhiyuan Jinghan Construction Technology Co., Ltd. was officially put into production, and the tunnel segments produced will be used in the construction of key projects in Wuhan.

Welding robots weld steel bars.Photo by reporter Ding Ao’an

In the morning of the same day, a reporter from the Yangtze River Daily saw in the production workshop of the base that a complete tube segment production line has been completed and all kinds of supporting machinery and equipment are readily available. In the steel bar processing area, the blue robot with the shape of a huge arm is particularly eye-catching. After receiving the work instruction, the robot starts to adjust the position of the arm, automatically finds the welding point, and performs welding according to the set route.


Intelligent robots are used for segment production, and Jiangxia, a new intelligent assembly-type building industry base, is put into production

“The steel skeleton of the prefabricated components is manually welded, and the precision control is not enough, and the efficiency is low.” On-site staff told reporters that the base can significantly improve the welding efficiency and quality by designing a special workbench and matching welding robots, and avoid manual operations. Security Risk.

Rebar processing area.Photo by reporter Ding Ao’an

The mold cleaning robot on the fully automatic assembly line is white, waiting quietly next to the steel mold. This kind of robot can efficiently clean the concrete residue in the mold, avoiding the omission of the position in manual cleaning. The spraying robot sprays the release agent more evenly than the manual, so that the tube sheet and the steel mold can be separated better, and the production efficiency is greatly improved.

According to the staff, the entire production process is as follows: the welded steel cage is placed in the mold, then the embedded parts are installed, the concrete is poured, and then the concrete is wiped and wiped, steam curing, demoulding, water curing in the pool, and standing in the storage yard.

“Our production line draws on domestic cutting-edge production processes and technologies, and has achieved industrial upgrades. Compared with traditional processes, the cost is lower, the production is safer, environmentally friendly, and the quality is easier to control.” The staff member said.

The finished segments are temporarily stacked.Photo by reporter Ding Ao’an

Wuhan Zhiyuan Jinghan Construction Technology Co., Ltd. is jointly invested and constructed by Wuhan Hanyang Municipal Construction Group Co., Ltd., Wuhan Yucheng Construction Group Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co., Ltd. Its prefabricated construction industry base is located in Wulijie, Jiangxia District, covering an area of ​​106 acres. After completion, it can produce 200,000 cubic meters of large-scale precast concrete components and 1 million cubic meters of ready-mixed concrete.

It is understood that the base is designed and constructed in the direction of green buildings and intelligent manufacturing, and through the integration of project construction information and intelligence, it has made in-depth advances in the field of intelligent manufacturing of prefabricated components. It has recently served rail transit, tunnels, and underground integrated pipe corridors. , PC components and other prefabricated component business, in the long-term, explore feasible solutions for the industry’s informatization and intelligent development.

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