On November 3, 2021, STMicroelectronics held its third industrial summit in Shenzhen, focusing on three application areas: power supply and energy, motor control and automation. This year’s summit activities continue the theme of “Inspiring Intelligent Empowerment and Innovation”, focusing on sustainable development. STMicroelectronics also brought many successful case demonstrations of cutting-edge technologies, application solutions and partners in the fields of smart agriculture, smart manufacturing, smart infrastructure, and smart green power and energy systems.

In the era of “carbon neutrality”, the response and thinking of semiconductor manufacturers

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At the morning meeting, after the speech of Cao Zhiping, Vice President of STMicroelectronics and General Manager of China, Jean-Marc Chery, President and CEO of STMicroelectronics, Jerome Roux, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing of STMicroelectronics Asia Pacific and other guests passed the speech. The way of online explanation shared ST’s strategy and goals for you. The development trends in the three major areas of smart travel, power and energy, Internet of Things and 5G have a crucial impact on ST’s long-term strategic market layout, especially in the post-epidemic era, ST’s long-term strategy is based on these three areas. Empower trends and accelerate future sustainable development work. After visiting the exhibition area, ST was interviewed by OFweek and many media friends, and shared ST’s technology foresight and corresponding strategies in today’s semiconductor market.

In the “carbon neutral” era, ST’s third-generation semiconductor strategy and layout

As we all know, China and other 57 countries will achieve the “carbon peak” in 2030, and all countries are working together towards the “carbon neutral” era. “Carbon peaking” and “carbon neutrality” are closely related to the concepts of energy conversion, energy saving and consumption reduction, and the third-generation semiconductor technology is just an excellent means to improve energy conversion efficiency, so ST’s research and development progress in this field has reached Which step, and what kind of market layout will there be next?

Francesco MUGGERI, vice president of marketing and application of the Asia-Pacific power discrete and analog products device department, believes that the third generation of semiconductors has deeply landed in all aspects of people’s lives. From a silicon carbide perspective, ST has invested heavily in this area. In addition to the acquisition of Norstel to achieve the goal of vertically integrating the supply chain, it has also opened a new fab in Catania, Italy, which is expected to be operational by the middle of next year. In product development, ST also has the ability to produce 8-inch silicon carbide wafers. It is worth mentioning that ST has launched the third generation of silicon carbide technology to the market, and will soon evolve to the fourth and fifth generation products.

From a gallium nitride perspective, ST has already invested in gallium nitride production in Tours, France, signing the acquisition of Exagan, a gallium nitride technology innovation company. In product development, ST has normally open G-FET, normally closed e-mode GHEMT?, and ultra-fast gallium nitride driver G-DRIVE? series with and without driver. In this regard, ST has registered two trademarks, STPower GaN and STI2GaN, one serving the industrial market and the other serving the automotive market. The MasterGaN product family will also be launched on the market in the future.

In the era of “carbon neutrality”, the response and thinking of semiconductor manufacturers

(The picture comes from ST)

The automotive electrification market is set for explosive growth

Just like the industrial theme of the summit, ST showed many application cases in industrial scenarios, including infrastructure transportation, energy, smart manufacturing, automation and home furnishing, smart buildings, smart agriculture, and more. In this communication, ST also focused on introducing its own layout and future prospects in the field of automotive electrification.

FRANCESCO MUGGERI believes that the electrification of vehicles has become the demand of the majority of users, especially in the Chinese market. China is at the forefront of the world in terms of market capacity and industrial development scale. From an industry perspective, the most important issue in vehicle electrification is how to better charge the vehicle. Therefore, for the development of industrial and Electronic power, charging stations will become the next most important market application requirements.

“The transition from traditional fuel vehicles to electric power today is not easy. How to move electricity production outside the city and distribute it in the city? Think about all the configurations of electrification distribution, it must be Changes and enhancements to support all charging stations,” according to FRANCESCO MUGGERI, “each charging station has several charging methods, including home charging, in-building charging and parking lot charging, taking DC/DC solutions as an example (similar to In the current gas station environment), a 350-kilowatt charging station that charges a 120-kilowatt battery in 23 to 24 minutes has more than $300 worth of internal semiconductors. Among them, there will be advanced MCUs and powerful computing power. And semiconductors for digital solutions of SiC MOSFETs will dominate.”

In terms of facing the automotive electrification market, ST also has far-reaching considerations and many investment layouts. For example, the charging station solution exhibited in this exhibition area fully demonstrates the assembly of server power stations and telecom power stations in the automotive electrification market. relationship with computing power. This also goes back to the above, why ST should strengthen its investment in the field of silicon carbide, in order to better support data processing and infrastructure.

Enabling energy production, storage and redistribution

Today, clean energy such as solar energy and wind energy has become a typical representative of the “carbon neutral” era. In terms of improving the utilization rate of clean energy, ST also shared the latest progress and layout in this field.

According to Alex LI, Application Development Manager, Power Supply and Energy Technology Innovation Center, Power Discrete and Analog Devices Products Department in Asia Pacific, ST is currently focusing on two aspects: one is how to generate more energy, and the other is how to save more losses.

How to generate more energy? Taking solar energy as an example, from industrial and commercial roofs to rural houses, solar energy equipment is becoming more and more popular in people’s lives. While installing these devices, ST can bring more and better high-efficiency energy conversion solutions, such as high-efficiency rooftop photovoltaic converters equipped with new products such as ST’s high-performance MCUs, IGBTs and isolation devices. All of these things add up to give people more opportunities to generate energy more efficiently.

The popularity of solar energy equipment also brings about the problem of wasting energy. For example, some people worry about whether the solar energy equipment will be damaged in 5 to 10 years and need to be re-installed. On the other hand, will there be any safety issues with installing solar equipment. Alex said: “When we are installing now, in order to achieve the goal of 15 to 25 years of service life for solar equipment, we provide a series of smart photovoltaic technologies including communication technology. For example, through the communication function, photovoltaic modules can be managed more effectively, Improve efficiency, put the tracking of maximum power into modules for high-speed communication, and improve the efficiency of energy generation. In dealing with the safety of solar energy equipment, the edge computing capability of ST MCU will be used here, which can target any PV that may be faulty. The module sends out alarms in advance, and even does some intelligent analysis to help users maintain our network more efficiently, and in the event of any accident and any disaster, make these photovoltaic networks and new energy networks very safe and will not cause harm to people .”

Recalling the sentence ST mentioned at the opening of the event, under the guidance of the vision of “carbon peak” and “carbon neutrality”, the current industrial market is undergoing many unprecedented historical changes, around energy management, energy structure Changes in energy utilization efficiency, these changes in the industrial market, there are countless opportunities from technology, industry and commerce.

The current industrial market can be said to be the most exciting and anticipated market at present, and such a beautiful vision is estimated to continue for ten or twenty years. ST’s long-term investments in enabling trends and key technologies needed to build a more sustainable world, and accelerating trends in smart mobility, power and energy, the Internet of Things and 5G also confirm ST’s commitment to serving customers and serving the broader interests of society The strategy formulated is correct, and it is believed that ST will bring more breakthrough products and solutions in the future.

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