On March 9, according to Huawei’s official news, Hu Jianyu, Vice President of Huawei’s Global Technical Service Department, released an industry-leading 5G full-stack service and software solution based on “platform + intelligence” in Shenzhen, including AI + big data-driven full-process digitization. 5G intelligent and sensitive network construction solution – [email protected]; 5G intelligent network optimization solution leading the industry for more than one year; SOC (business operation center) solution that helps operators enable thousands of industries and create the best service experience; guarantee AUTIN 5G intelligent operation and maintenance solution for ultra-reliable 5G network; 5G talent training and certification solution and the world’s first 5G cloud contact center solution.

Hu Jianyu said that since 2017, Huawei Services has begun to apply AI technology to the production and operation processes that serve operators’ planning, construction, O&M, optimization, and operation. By integrating machine learning and human endowment of machine intelligence, Huawei Services builds on the technology platform and continuously evolves the knowledge of the telecom industry accumulated over the past 30 years and models generated by machine learning, thereby providing customers with higher quality and efficient services And it has a stronger ability to solve customers’ problems and help operators achieve business success in the 5G era.

Recently, with the continuous promotion of 5G commercial policies, Huawei’s layout in the 5G field has also become closer.

On February 20, Huawei held a “2020 New Products and Solutions” conference in London, announcing the launch of the “5G Partner Innovation Program”. The latest data disclosed at the press conference shows that at present, Huawei has won 91 5G commercial contracts and shipped more than 600,000 5G Massive MIMO AAU modules. Huawei has cooperated with global partners on a number of 5G projects involving new media, campuses, medical care, and education.

On February 24, Huawei officially released a new generation of 5G folding screen mobile phone Huawei Mate Xs. At the same time, the mobile phone was officially launched at 10:08 on March 5, and the three major platforms of Huawei Mall, JD.com and Tmall flagship store are all in 30. All sold out in seconds.

Huatai Securities said that based on its global leadership in 5G technology and its comprehensive technical reserves in chips, terminals and systems, Huawei is expected to achieve the terminal category expansion capability in the 5G Internet of Things era through the 1+8+N product architecture. Continue to recommend The key targets of the industry chain are Shuobeide, Sunlord Electronics, Guanghong Technology, GoerTek, Luxshare Precision, BOE A, etc.

Wanlian Securities believes that China is in the lead in the global 5G commercial deployment competition. Operators and equipment vendors continue to increase capital expenditures, 5G construction is accelerated, and the medium and long-term logic of the sector remains unchanged. Huawei’s layout in the 5G field has a boosting effect on production suppliers such as optical transmission, data communication, and IT. In the field of optical communication, it is recommended to continue to pay attention to Zhongji Innolight and Guangxun Technology; in the field of communication equipment, it is recommended to recommend domestic equipment leaders ZTE and Xingwang Ruijie; Orient Zhongke, the leading comprehensive service provider.

A previous research report by New Era Securities pointed out that 2020 will usher in a wave of 5G phone replacements. As a pioneer in the 5G field and a global smartphone giant, Huawei has leading technologies and rich experience in communication technology, chip design, operating system optimization and other fields, and has a significant catalytic role in the supply chain. The wave of 5G phone replacement has begun, and Huawei’s core industry chain is ushering in a historic development opportunity. PCB manufacturers Pengding Holdings, Shennan Circuits, Shanghai Electric Co., Ltd., Shengyi Technology; global panel giant BOE A; precision manufacturing leader Luxshare Precision; Inductor leader Sunlord Electronics; micro-microphone leader GoerTek; Chip suppliers Shengbang Co., Ltd., Zhuoshengwei, Weir Co., Ltd., Huiding Technology, Wingtech Technology, and Zhaoyi Innovation are expected to fully benefit.

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