From November 8th to 9th, the 2021 Jiangxi International Mobile Internet of Things Expo will be held in Yingtan. To discuss hot issues in security and other fields, and to discuss ways to promote the integrated development of mobile Internet of Things and the economy and society. At the 5G + IoT Innovation sub-forum of the China Mobile Expo, the Information Technology Center of China Mobile Internet of Things Co., Ltd. officially released the “High Security, High Reliability China Mobile OneOS Industrial Operating System”.

High real-time and wide compatibility, creating an industrial intelligent operating system

High security and high reliability – China Mobile OneOS releases a new industrial operating system

“Since the first commercial version was launched in June 2020, OneOS has been widely used in four major industries: metering, wear, home, and industry. Today, we have launched a safer and more reliable OneOS industrial version for industrial features.” Sun Jing, product director of the Information Technology Center of Mobile Internet of Things Co., Ltd., mentioned at the press conference, “OneOS industrial version is highly scalable in terms of kernel, can adapt to various application scenarios with RAM space from 4KB to 1GB, and uses extremely Simplify the design idea, the code is concise, and the readability is good.”

High security and high reliability – China Mobile OneOS releases a new industrial operating system

It is understood that in terms of hardware compatibility, OneOS Industrial Edition supports three mainstream chip architectures (ARM, RISC-V, MIPS), with more than 800 chip models from more than 20 chip manufacturers; in terms of application capabilities, OneOS Industrial Edition provides rich services. components, basic capability components in industrial fields such as OTA upgrade, advanced language, high-precision positioning, 5G networking, motion control, and edge fusion.

In terms of upper-level business, OneOS cooperates with Germany’s CODESYS to provide a soft PLC development kit that conforms to the IEC61131-3 international standard, a variety of motion control algorithms including CNC control, and support for target visualization, web page visualization development and other suitable industrial application scenarios In terms of network characteristics, OneOS has superior network-side synergy capabilities, and works closely with operator networks, such as 5G slicing, 5G RCS and other capabilities are available. In the environment of STM32F411 Nucleo-64 (running at 84MHz), the performance score of OneOS Industrial Edition is as high as 673 points, which is much higher than similar competing products.

High security and high reliability – China Mobile OneOS releases a new industrial operating system

High security, high reliability, end-to-cloud comprehensive security design

OneOS Industrial Edition has passed IEC 61508 SIL3, CCRC EAL4+ certification, and is developed using the software safety life cycle model, which can meet the stringent requirements of industrial control for high reliability and high safety. In the world, only a handful of embedded operating systems have passed IEC 61508 certification – this is also considered by the industry as a sign of “high reliability RTOS”. When enterprises and developers develop software products with the OneOS Industrial Edition certified by IEC 61508, they not only have a strong guarantee for the reliability of the basic system, but also can pass the relevant functional safety certification more quickly.

High security and high reliability – China Mobile OneOS releases a new industrial operating system

At the same time, for the industrial Internet scenario, the overall security design from the end to the cloud is required. The OneOS Industrial Edition on the terminal side builds secure boot, secure upgrade, and secure communication functions based on the device’s trusted root. The cryptographic operation supports SM2/3/4 national secret algorithms. And through the optimization of the national secret algorithm library, the resource occupation is reduced by 34%, and supports SE, TEE, security MCU and other carriers; on the transmission side, the latest version of the DTLS1.3 protocol (RFC8443) security transmission protocol is implemented, based on The protocol can reduce resource usage by 54%, increase connection efficiency by 43%, and achieve extremely small footprint and extremely fast connection; in the cloud, it provides services such as device authentication, OTA, and data encryption, which can help developers quickly get from device to device. The security capabilities of the platform have created a comprehensive end-to-cloud security design, making IIoT more reliable.

High “face value”, simple and convenient GUI capabilities

“In addition to requiring the operating system to have high security and high reliability performance, many of our customers also have high requirements for a beautiful and smooth graphical interface in terms of visual and interactive effects.” Sun Jing mentioned when talking about the OneOS Industrial Edition GUI framework . Faced with such challenges, OneOS and Qt developed and launched the Qt On OneOS product based on the Qt For MCUs version, a GUI framework based on the OneOS operating system, based on which users can quickly develop and launch APPs.

High security and high reliability – China Mobile OneOS releases a new industrial operating system

Qt For MCUs-OneOS has the ultimate performance. It can achieve 45±fps effect on 32-bit MCU equipped with 2D accelerator, and the graphics library memory occupies only 80KB. At the same time, it can realize cross-platform multiplexing program logic with the help of QML language.

The launch of the OneOS industrial operating system has made up for the blank of domestic industrial operating systems to a certain extent, and having an independent industrial operating system will help my country transform from a “manufacturing power” to a “manufacturing power.”

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