For machine tools , it’s difficult to realize the coexistence of the high efficiency and precision of slant bed cnc lathe machine , To achieve high efficiency cutting ,it can start from cutting depth ability , also can from the cutting feed rate for thinking , both are need machine has good rigidity.

Slant bed cnc lathe machine achieve high precision need each parts of machine has high precision and can’t have short board ,also requires machine has very powerful absorb shock ability ,keep the accuracy good ,In general terms , the coexistence of high efficiency and high precision of machine ,it rigidity and parts are good , it must be high stablity products ,That’s not easy .

Slant bed cnc lathe machine produced by due to solve precision and high efficiency coexistence ,Increased machine cross-sectional area in the case of same space of the slant bed cnc lathe machine structure,increased machine rigidity , the chip accumulate of machine bed little ,the precision changed caused by reduce the chip heart transfer ,because of the X direction roller screw gravity effect ,the reverse gap narrow ,improving the radial processing precision .

However , the slant bed cnc lathe machine bring it material cost increased ,as the same time, it also increase manufacture difficult , in order to configure kinds of high parts for reach high efficiency and high precision purpose, such as high precision spindle , high precision turret , high precision screw , high precision linear guideway and so on , which caused machine increased a lot of cost . Most of machine factory like use flat bed as price weapons to expand market which earn fat profit from hard manufacturing of slant cncn lathe machine .

The efficiency and precision coexist cost is very high, when china manufacturing industry from low end to middle end transition , the traditional flat bed is can’t meet processing requirement generally .China SCK250 came into being and it expand market by common price .

China SCK250 adopt 45degree slant bed ,machine guideway and machine base of whole casting , whole processing with good rigidity ,having strong absorb shock and strong anti-bending ability ,the raill guideway marterial is the same as base material ,  CTE concert , Internal stress release synchronization, it also can reduce machine distortion due to thermal expansion system different during processing . 

China SCK250 adopt 45mm width linear guideway ,40mm diameter roller screw ,big support spindle unit , many kinds of rigidity parts is support whole rigidity .