According to the data, the word “mature” comes from “Heguanzi Daoduan”: “Left Faren, spring fertility; former Fazhong, summer meritorious; right Fayi, autumn maturity; latter Fasheng, winter seclusion. ”, which means to grow up, to grow up, and it generally refers to the development of things or behaviors to a perfect degree.

However, with reference to the above definitions, it can be accurately said that my country has not yet reached maturity in the field of home appliances, and still has a large room for growth.

It can be seen from the recent international home appliance market that my country is still in the growth stage and has a long way to go from “mature”. According to statistics, at present, households in Europe and the United States have more than 30 small household appliances, while the number of household appliances in urban my country is only about 10, and the number of households in rural areas is less than 5.

Today, the Chinese people’s obsession with imported home appliances has not completely faded away. From the hot Japanese TV in the 1980s, to the popular German white goods in the 1990s, to the Japanese small kitchen appliances, European and American household appliances, and personal care appliances that are still popular today, it can be seen that my country wants to truly achieve “Mature” still has a long way to go.

Under the wave of consumption upgrading, with the improvement of my country’s economic strength and per capita disposable income, as well as the continuous progress of my country’s state-owned enterprises, the home appliance market will undergo unprecedented changes.

Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, my country has achieved a historic transformation from a poor and backward agricultural country to the world’s largest industrial manufacturing country, among which the changes in the household appliance industry are particularly significant. When refrigerators, TV sets, and washing machines appear in consumers’ lives as the three major items of marriage, home appliances are not just ordinary daily necessities, but also an intuitive manifestation of the improvement of people’s quality of life.

According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2018, my country’s total economic volume reached 90,030.9 billion yuan, accounting for nearly 16 percent of the world economy; my country’s per capita gross national income reached US$ 9,732, higher than the average level of middle-income countries. Under the curtain of industrialization, up to now, my country has become a country with all the industrial categories in the United Nations Industrial Classification. The output of more than 200 industrial products ranks first in the world, and the added value of the manufacturing industry has ranked first in the world since 2010.

Under the current background, my country’s home appliance market is moving forward steadily. Since the launch of “Home Appliances Going to the Countryside” in my country in 2008, the popularization of home appliances has officially entered the stage of history, and efforts have been made to improve the quality of life of the people. On this basis, with the continuous progress of my country’s industrial development, innovation has put a new round of high-end home appliance popularization on the agenda, making my country’s home appliance market step into a higher level, and constantly narrowing the distance between it and a more mature market.

Among many home appliance companies, Galanz’s achievements are obvious to all under the call of the times. Its steam oven consumption is popularized by all people, which is a tough battle for the large-scale popularization of national home appliances; the release of chip strategy is a tough battle for intelligent and diversified mature applications of IoT. It can be seen that under the premise of conforming to the development of the times, Galanz has been doing its best to adhere to the original intention of Chinese home appliances all the time.

As the first home appliance enterprise to fully respond to the “Healthy China Action”, Galanz launched the “National Home Appliance Steaming Healthy China Tour” for the whole country. In addition, in the face of the complex international environment and the continuous impact of Sino-US trade frictions, Galanz has made greater steps to “go global”, from countries and regions along the “Belt and Road” to the markets of developed countries in Europe and the United States, with independent innovation and independent brands. For the two wings, open up more fields and wider cooperation on a global scale.


Galanz launched the tough battle of IOT diversified and mature applications

In the early days of reform and opening up, faced with the influx of a large number of foreign brands, the relative backwardness of my country’s industrial development level, and the lack of resistance of Chinese people to well-made imported products, many Chinese home appliance companies forged ahead, and countless Chinese companies like Galanz Develop both domestic and foreign markets in an all-round way, tap potentials inside and outside, and vigorously promote the brand of Chinese home appliances.

Today, the world has entered an era of great change, the era of the Internet of Things, the era of 5G, artificial intelligence, and big data. Facing the new era, what deserves more attention is that at Galanz’s 41st anniversary conference, Galanz made the strongest voice of “beyond manufacturing” and released the world’s first customized AIoT chip for home appliances – “BF-Xijiao”. Officially announced the strategic thinking and implementation route of the transformation of “Technology Galanz”.


Galanz launched the tough battle of IOT diversified and mature applications

The whole industry chain of intelligent manufacturing, the world’s leading chip industry ecosystem, and the Galanz+ smart home ecosystem, the success of each of the above, for Galanz, and for the entire home appliance market, it is China’s home appliance companies moving towards the same industry in the world Efforts to move forward steadily with the most efficient, most effective and most respected corporate goals.

In addition, all development is inseparable from fair and equitable market supervision. Regarding the “choose one”, the government has something to say, companies have something to say, and consumers have something to say, Galanz will continue and persist.

Mr. Liang Zhaoxian, chairman and president of Galanz Group, mentioned in his New Year’s message in 2020 – “Every Galanz person is a transcendence”, focusing on “doing real work and walking in the forefront”, Galanz has learned to catch up and surpass, from From R&D, manufacturing to marketing and service, each link and department is user-centered, market-oriented, with strong actions and a confident attitude, fighting to create a sustainable lifestyle, to maintain a fair market competition order, and to Fight to defend the dignity and value of generations of Galanz people.


A stable, healthy and mature market is inseparable from every participant. In June 2019, in the 2019 online market supervision special action “Net Sword Action” jointly carried out by the State Administration for Market Regulation, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Public Security and other 8 departments, the e-commerce platform “choose one” was clearly classified as a Unfair competition that focuses on combating.

In addition, platforms such as and Vipshop, as well as many high-quality brand merchants represented by Galanz, as well as tens of millions of small and medium-sized merchants, have denounced the “choose one out of two”. Liang Zhaoxian said that in the face of the unfair behavior of domestic powerful platforms beyond the scope of normal market competition, Galanz still chose to stand up despite the disparity of power, and had the responsibility to maintain a fair and just business environment.

Regarding the phenomenon of “choose one of two”, industry experts believe that the “choose one” of e-commerce platforms is the last to pay for the business and consumers. Cao Lei, director of the e-commerce research center, said that e-commerce platforms with dominant market positions use the “choose one from two” strategy, which harms the welfare of other e-commerce companies and consumers, as well as the rights of small and medium-sized businesses on their own platforms. At present, very few e-commerce platforms are suspected of abusing their market dominance and turning their commercial advantages into defrauding the legitimate rights and interests of operators on the platform. This phenomenon needs special attention.

Write at the end:

In 2019, the main direction of Galanz Group’s attack is to focus on the battle of large-scale popularization of national home appliances, the battle of innovation of quality home appliances and differentiated home appliances, and the battle of diversified and mature applications of intelligence and IoT. In 2020, there will be three major battles in the home appliance market. It should also be “so”.

In addition, in order to maintain the equality, fairness and justice of the market, while defending its own development initiative, Galanz will continue to resist the “choose one” hegemony and maintain the market order to the end.

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