Now Use cnc machine Center no need programming, just need import model,Can be done automatically from programming to cutting process of all .
It difficult to find in the professional talents,Today, artificial cost is higher and higher,
cnc machine Center Manufacturing enterprise how to reduce the production cost,
Build a strong core competitiveness?
Standing in your Angle to thinking from ptj cnc machine Center,
To provide you with intelligent machine without programming solution!
PTJ How to implement the automatic machining process?
PTJ cnc machine Center to complete the high quality, efficient and safe processing by
specializing in NC processing optimization software development NCB NCBrain system as the
core support provided by the company.
PTJ CNC Machine Center includes a full set of knives, high performance and reasonable,
according to the different machining automatically choose the best tool, at the same time
machine integration tool life test system automatic test tool damage and wear, tool life