The gallium nitride IC supplier Navitas has cooperated with Xiaomi to actively develop GaN solutions. At the same time, Navitas also participated in Xiaomi’s 2021 invested company Demo Day held in Beijing recently, showing the next generation of GaN products (including Mobile phone fast charging, home appliances, electric vehicles, etc.).

As a third-generation semiconductor technology, gallium nitride can switch components 20 times faster than silicon components, and can achieve 3 times the power and 3 times the charging speed when the size and weight are halved.

At the event, Navitas showcased its GaNFast power chip, which integrates gallium nitride power components, drive, protection and control to achieve simple, small, fast and efficient performance; and the power chip is used in many Xiaomi products, such as 65W gallium nitride fast charging charger, and the latest Xiaomi Civi 55W gallium nitride fast charging charger, etc.

Not only that, Navitas also showed a brand new 6.6kW on-board charger (OBC) at this exhibition, which has a wide voltage output of 240V-420V, the size is only 222×168×60mm, and the power density reaches kW/liter. This also means that compared with the same volume of silicon module OBC, the power density is increased by three times, and the charging speed is also increased by three times; in the future, Navitas will continue to develop products exceeding 5kW/liter.

Navitas estimates that upgrading silicon components to gallium nitride components will accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles by three years; by 2050, gallium nitride power chips could help reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20% per year.

As of October 2021, Navitas has shipped more than 30 million GaNFast power chips. In addition to being used in the mobile phone fast charging market, it has also expanded to consumer electronics, solar energy, data centers, and electric vehicles.

Charles Zha, vice president and general manager of Navitas China, said that Xiaomi’s market vision is completely consistent with Navitas’ GaN power chip development roadmap. From 55W gallium nitride fast charging chargers to kilowatt-level electric vehicle power chip applications, Navitas hopes to continue to work with Xiaomi in the future to jointly promote the application of gallium nitride power chips in various fields and bring consumers better quality product experience.

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