The extrusion rod of the aluminum extrusion machine, we have mentioned more maintenance knowledge in the past, and it seems that we have not mentioned the extrusion rod. In fact, this is a relatively important part of the extruder. The main function is to transmit pressure. It is not easy to fail, so there are relatively few mentions, but we still have to take the time to learn its knowledge so that it can be used in the future.

Extrusion rod related to aluminum extrusion press

Why does the rod of the aluminum extrusion press always break?

The main function of the extrusion rod of the aluminum extrusion press is to transmit pressure. If the central pressure rod often breaks, it will not only cause economic losses, but also affect production, delay delivery, and the center rod of the extruder will break and cause equipment The operation rate can only reach about 85%, which is the case in the industry. At present, we are trying various ways to solve this problem, and strive for the equipment operation rate to reach more than 98%. Therefore, in the extrusion tool of the aluminum extrusion press, the extrusion rod is also a very important component. The main reason for the rod of the aluminum extrusion press is always broken because the center is not properly connected during installation and debugging. How to install and debug is correct? Along this question we continue to look at the following explanation of knowledge.

How to install the extrusion rod of the aluminum extrusion press is appropriate?

The outer diameter of the extrusion rod is determined according to the inner diameter of the extrusion barrel. The outer diameter of the extruder rod of the horizontal extruder is generally higher than that of the extruder. The inner diameter of the cylinder is small 4-10mm. The extruded rod works under high temperature, and its end may be plastically deformed and upset. Therefore, the diameter of the end of the solid extrusion rod should be made smaller, and the inner diameter of the end of the hollow extrusion rod should be larger, so as not to fit in when changing to a large perforation needle after deformation. In order to avoid stress concentration, the transition part of the root of the extruded rod should be made into a cone with a larger rounded corner, and its radius should be R≥100mm. If the arc is too small or the diameter of the root and the shaft is not well matched, the extruded rod will break.

What should be done in the daily maintenance of the extruder rod to ensure that the operation rate is above 98%?

What should be done in the daily maintenance of the extruder rod to ensure that the operation rate is above 98%? The editor has compiled 11 maintenance precautions related to the extrusion rod for your study and reference!

  • 1. The parallelism of the two end faces of the extrusion rod must be no more than 0.05mm, the two end faces must be perpendicular to the axis, and the non-perpendicularity no more than 0.05mm; the surface of the two end planes should be smooth, especially the end plane should be polished to reach Ra1 .6μm or more;
  • 2. The side surface and end plane of the extrusion rod should not have any defects;
  • 3. There is no axial bending, no external force outside the axial direction during extrusion;
  • 4. Strictly align the extrusion rod with the center of the extrusion barrel to ensure levelness and coaxiality. The two should maintain a uniform gap to prevent collisions during the extrusion process;
  • 5. Metal sticking to the extrusion rod is strictly prohibited. If the sticking metal is found, it should be removed in time. In order to facilitate the removal, a little lubricating oil can be applied to the rod body;
  • 6. The squeeze rod should not be placed in the heated squeeze cylinder for a long time to prevent the shaft temperature from increasing and reduce its strength;
  • 7. The hollow extrusion rod and the extrusion rod for the fixed gasket should ensure the roughness of the inner hole and the concentricity with the extrusion needle and the guide rod, and ensure that the extrusion needle and the guide rod can move freely in the shaft hole;
  • 8. When the working end surface (inner and outer surface) of the extrusion rod is found to be collapsed and deformed, it should be repaired in time;
  • 9. The compression sleeve fastening device at the root of the extrusion rod should be flexibly adjustable, durable, and regularly checked and adjusted to ensure the concentricity and levelness of the extrusion rod;
  • 10. Special tools must be used for the loading, unloading and replacement of the squeeze rod to prevent bumps and cause safety accidents.
  • 11. The extrusion rod must be inspected regularly, such as the hardness, the size and levelness of the test, the center of alignment, etc., and the problems should be dealt with in time.

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