Diversified performance of pulverizing technology in powder-metallurgy

The powder metallurgy process is bound to involve the problem of powder preparation. The powder preparation process can be divided into three categories, one is the rapid solidification atomization powder technology, the other is the mechanical alloy powder technology, and the other is It is an ultrafine powder preparation technology. Let’s have an explanation below.

Diversified performance of pulverizing technology in powder metallurgy

Diversified performance of pulverizing technology in powder metallurgy

The powder metallurgy’s rapid solidification atomization and pulverization technology is relatively straightforward, that is, liquid metals or alloys are crushed and quickly condensed to obtain powdery materials. This type of milling technology can effectively reduce the segregation of alloy components, so the alloy powder components obtained are relatively uniform.

Due to the different atomization media used, there are also various choices of atomization methods used in powder metallurgy technology, such as two-stream atomization, gas atomization, high-pressure water atomization, centrifugal atomization, and vacuum atomization. In the two-stream atomization, when the atomizing medium and the metal liquid flow are ejected through the nozzle, the two liquid flows collide with each other, thereby crushing the liquid flow and then spraying powder.

The gas atomization method generally requires a gas pressure of 2 to 8 MPa. On this basis, the powder particles with smooth surfaces can be used in powder metallurgy. The water atomization method uses water with a higher density as the atomization medium, so the condensation speed achieved is higher by an order of magnitude than the general gas atomization method, so the powder shape is generally irregular.

Mechanical alloying pulverization technology is a method for preparing alloy powder or composite powder from elemental powder. It is completed in a high-energy ball mill and requires long time grinding between powder particles and between powder particles and grinding balls. The powder is broken and torn.

Don’t forget that there is also ultrafine powder preparation technology in powder metallurgy. Due to the smaller particle size, the powders produced by this technology have significantly different physical, chemical and mechanical properties.

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