On March 13, 2021, the “Human Resources Digital Intelligence Transformation Talent Management Strategy Forum Summit” was held in Luohu District, Shenzhen. This forum summit adheres to the theme of “how to continue to evolve and upgrade on the road of accelerated development of digital intelligence” to popularize how to select people accurately and improve the ability of accurate selection.

At 14:00 in the afternoon, the event started on time. The human resources experts on the scene shared some of their own insights. Mr. Deng Pingli, the founder of T12 Talent Assessment, pointed out that the mismatch between people and positions is an important problem that restricts the development of enterprises. Those who are suitable for sales are in accounting positions, but those who are suitable for management are running business, not only because of the mismatch at the beginning of recruitment, but also because of the unscientific internal management system of the enterprise, which prevents talents from exerting the maximum effect, resulting in a waste of enterprise employment costs.

Mr. Deng Pingli proposed that to solve the problem of mismatch between people and positions, we can start from the digital transformation of human resource management. That is, enterprises use the digital means of talent assessment to scientifically screen, allocate, and appoint human resources, so that enterprises can retain existing talents, attract new talents, and make talents play a scientific management method.

And through a successful case to tell everyone, one customer has turned 40 people into about 20 people through digital talent inventory, but the output value has not fallen but increased. The output value has increased from 160 million to 480 million, and the output value has quadrupled. The miracle of digitization can be found that digitalization is not a slogan, it is a solid and genuine help to enterprises to create benefits and save costs.

It is necessary to transform the traditional human resource management of enterprises to the direction of digitalization. Experts told reporters that the first thing to do here is to make the entire office process of the company online, informatized and transparent, and to digitally manage the work performance and performance evaluation of all employees. Based on such data management, digital analysis is carried out from the perspective of human resources to analyze the matching degree of people and positions, analyze the ability of employees in different dimensions, and complete the scientific optimization, promotion and transfer of talents. The human resources experts on the scene shared their human resources digital evaluation platform to help enterprises accurately identify talents and assign positions.

Including our talent market, recruitment website, recruitment headhunter, and enterprises, conduct a screening of a digital talent database, and find the characteristics of the required employees according to the needs of the enterprise. In this way, the efficiency of recruitment can be greatly improved, thereby It can also reduce the risk of enterprise employment and help enterprises find suitable talents better and quickly.

The first is to help enterprises achieve the purpose of saving costs.

The second is to improve the value transformation of talents in the enterprise, and improve the sense of personal value and achievement.

With the development of digital technology and the continuous growth of enterprises, traditional human resource management can no longer meet the development needs of enterprises, and digital human resource management can enable enterprises to accurately control talents.

Through the data transformation of application standards, big data screening of newly recruited talents, talent evaluation data, and transparent and scientific management of existing talents in the enterprise, each employee can be maximized in the right position, which is also the future of human resource management. development trend.

Summary: Through this summit forum, the business people present expressed high approval and recognition, and had a clearer understanding of the talent management strategy for digital and intelligent transformation. This summit has made enterprises a step forward on the road of digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading, which is of great significance.


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