Recently, Delta, a global provider of power management and cooling solutions, announced the launch of a new model of the Amplon RT series 5-20kVA online double-conversion uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system. Inheriting Delta’s consistent adherence to technology and quality, as an upgrade of the previous generation Amplon RT series 5-11kVA models, the new Amplon RT series 5-20kVA UPS models have added 15kVA and 20kVA three-phase models, with high power density ratio, The size is as low as 2U, the high-efficiency and more flexible battery configuration solution and the complete system solution accessories. It is mainly used to protect network and communication systems, power supply of IT systems in enterprises, governments, and financial computer rooms, as well as supporting medical and industrial precision instruments and equipment.

Amplon RT series 5-20kVA online double conversion UPS adopts full rated power factor design, which can provide maximum load capacity support for critical loads. The AC-AC efficiency is as high as 96.5%, and the ECO mode efficiency is as high as 99%, achieving significant energy saving effect. Provide a complete set of power supply system overall solution components, including battery modules, power distribution boxes and maintenance bypass switches, which can quickly provide complete operation for key load equipment. All basic operation packages, support 4 parallel redundancy, provide higher system reliability.


In addition to maintaining the consistent high reliability, excellent performance and high overall efficiency of Delta UPS products, the Amplon RT series 5-20kVA UPS has three distinct core advantages:

1. Excellent usability and flexibility

Amplon RT series 5-20kVA UPS installation height is as low as 2U, which is easier to deploy and reduces space cost requirements. Adopt online double conversion design, can switch battery power supply with zero interruption, and provide 7*24 full-time protection for the load;

Amplon RT series 15K/20K supports three-in-one-out mode and three-in-three-out mode adjustment function, and three-phase input can also be adjusted in single-loop input and double-loop input mode.

Amplon RT series 5-10K single-phase programmable secondary power-off control function can regularly shut off the power supply of non-important loads when the mains power fails, and reserve more battery power supply time for critical loads.

With 4 units in parallel, it can achieve higher reliability parallel redundancy and load expansion. The flexible adjustment of the number of battery cells effectively optimizes the initial investment and maintenance cost of the battery.

2. High efficiency

In terms of overall machine efficiency, the AC-AC efficiency of Amplon RT series 5-20kVA UPS is as high as 96.5%. If the ECO (Economic Operation) mode is adopted, the efficiency can be as high as 99%, which can significantly reduce operating costs and provide a full rating of up to 1 Power output (kVA=kW), with any power factor load can be 100% full power output.

3. Intelligent management and convenient operation

The intelligent battery management function of Amplon RT series 5-20kVA UPS can detect the online status of the battery pack in real time, support three-stage charging mode and intelligent discharge cut-off voltage control, which can prolong the battery life of floating charge; the battery aging detection function can monitor the battery status Predictive maintenance. Its key component life prediction function, such as fan life prediction, can realize early warning before failure or shutdown occurs. Through friendly graphics and multi-language LCD Display, it realizes convenient local management, and it also comes standard with various types of communication interfaces. Examples include repo/roo for remote management, and a built-in dry contact interface for monitoring and notification of system health.

With the development of the digital trend, the demand for IT equipment is growing rapidly, whether in government, small business, or financial and commercial environments. Delta, which is known for its power management solutions, follows the trend and launches more competitive UPS products in a timely manner to enhance product performance, focus on industry applications and needs, and help customers secure competitive advantages. With the launch of new 5-20kVA models of the Amplon RT series, Delta’s competitiveness in the field of low-power UPS will be further enhanced.

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