Copper Genus:Partial application of metallic copper in PTJ  Copper Genus:Partial application of metallic copper in PTJ  Copper Genus:Partial application of metallic copper in PTJ

 Copper Genus:Partial application of metallic copper in PTJ



Copper introduction:

Copper is a transitional element.
Chemical symbol Cu.
Atomic number 29.
Pure copper is a soft metal. When the surface is cut, it is reddish-orange with metallic luster. The element is purple.
It has good ductility, high thermal conductivity and high electrical conductivity. Therefore, it is the most commonly used material in cables and electrical and electronic components. It can also be used as a building material and can be composed of many kinds of alloys.
Copper alloys have excellent mechanical properties and low electrical resistivity, the most important of which are bronze and brass.
In addition, copper is also a durable metal that can be recycled multiple times without compromising its mechanical properties.
Copper with a purple-red luster, density 8.92 g / cm3.
The temperature of 1083.4 ± 0.2 ° C, the boiling point of 2567 ° C.
Very good ductility.
Good thermal conductivity and conductivity.

Copper application:

Copper parts can be found in almost all machines.
In addition to the large amount of copper used in motors, circuits, hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems and control systems, a wide variety of transmissions and fixtures made of brass and bronze, such as gears, worm gears, worms, couplings, fasteners, twists Screws, screws, nuts, etc. are everywhere.
Bearings or bushings made of friction-reducing copper alloys are used between almost all parts that move mechanically relative to each other. In particular, large-scale extruders of 10,000-ton class, cylinder liners for forging presses, and skateboards are almost made of bronze. The castings can weigh several tons.
Many elastic components are almost always made of silicon bronze and tin bronze.

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