The biggest enemy of hardware products is time and various man-made sabotage. Among them, water is the most destructive and affects the widest range. If you are not careful, the whole machine will be scrapped directly. Although water is the source of human life, in the eyes of the computer, it is an out-and-out demon. Oh, by the way, except for the water cooling liquid in the tube, it is the angel of the CPU. Of course, if you are superstitious about split water cooling, then we will You can tell the story of the claims.

Computer water how to do?There is only one solution

water coolant

If water gets into your computer, there is a high chance that the hardware will be damaged. Unfortunately, the computer may burn directly, or even cause serious consequences such as fire. I heard that some students used to play pranks and poured water into other people’s computers. This is actually a very serious behavior. Don’t make this joke to avoid making a big mistake.

Computer water how to do?There is only one solution

X don’t imitate X

So what should I do if the computer is accidentally flooded? Don’t panic. The important thing at this time is to keep calm. If the system is still running normally after the computer is flooded, it means that the problem is not a big problem. We need to shut down normally and completely cut off the power. , Unplug all kinds of mouse and keyboard peripherals, then clean the water and dry it. Do not turn it on or power on during this period.

Note that drying does not mean that it is invisible to the naked eye. It is best to keep it for a longer time. Of course, it is better to let it cool for a day or two, so as to ensure complete drying.

Computer water how to do?There is only one solution

After entering the water, it can be disassembled as finely as possible

The only solution to the computer’s water entry is to thoroughly dry it, and the action must be timely, so as not to be corroded before it is dried and powered on. In the end, it also depends on your luck whether the computer will survive the water intrusion. When there is a small problem, the individual chips of the motherboard are burned or damaged, and they can still be used if they are repaired. If it causes a short circuit and burns, and takes away other hardware, you can replace the whole computer with a motherboard and rescue the hardware in the accident, but the notebook is completely useless.


Therefore, in daily life, it is necessary to avoid the computer close to the water source to avoid accidents. Except for accidents, generally the computer is closest to water at the moment of cleaning, but in addition to drying it thoroughly afterwards, we should pay attention to the tools we choose when cleaning. Some friends like to use alcohol to wipe and disinfect the machine. This way, But avoid using denatured alcohol for scrubbing, because it will directly corrode your hardware, and ordinary users can use ordinary water, or washing liquid from a computer store. There is no need to be too particular about cleaning materials, and some put the cart before the horse.

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