Everyone is often interested in exploring all-in-one game consoles, so in this article, the editor will bring you the iGame G-ONE, an all-in-one game console under Colorful. What is its specific situation? Let’s find out together.

Colorful game machine iGame G-ONE, how much do you know?

2k gaming Display with 144Hz refresh rate, 95% DCI-P3 color gamut

The iGame G-ONE all-in-one comes standard with a 27-inch IPS screen, supports 144Hz refresh rate, DisplayHD 400, reaches 95% DCI-P3 color gamut, and has a resolution of 2560×1440. Except for the wider chin, the three borders of the screen are kept at a relatively good level, which can bring a better visual experience.

Colorful game machine iGame G-ONE, how much do you know?

According to the test results, the iGame G-ONE’s screen has reached the color gamut level of 100% sRGB and 89% Adobe RGB. The quality of the screen has reached the standard of e-sports monitors, and it can easily meet the needs of games or retouching.

6-core 12-thread i9 processor

iGame G-ONE has a total of 5 configurations to choose from, up to the i9 8950HK processor. Like several other configurations, the i9 8950HK is also a mobile processor. It adopts 6-core 12-thread design, the turbo frequency can reach up to 4.8GHz, and the default TDP is 45W.

In terms of performance, the i9 8950HK processor can meet the needs of most mainstream games, and can also meet the needs of ordinary image retouching and video editing. Of course, if you don’t have such extreme demands on CPU performance, you can also choose the i7 8750H version, which will also have a good experience.

RTX 2080 8GB video memory discrete graphics card

The top version iGame G-ONE is equipped with RTX 2080 graphics card, adopts the new Turing architecture, and supports RTX ray tracing technology. It has 2944 stream processors, 64 raster processing units, and 245 texture units. The core base frequency is 1380MHz, and the boost frequency is 1590MHz. Built-in 8GB GDDR6 video memory, the bit width is 256bit, and the bandwidth is 112GB/s.

Colorful game machine iGame G-ONE, how much do you know?

According to the test results, this graphics card can easily ensure the smoothness of large-scale games such as “Jedi Survival”, “Overwatch”, “Panorama Blockade” at 2K resolution.

32GB dual-channel DDR4 memory

In terms of memory, the highest configuration iGame G-ONE adopts dual-channel design, two 16GB DDR4 memory combination, the frequency is 2666MHz, and the total capacity is 32GB.

The 32GB large-capacity memory is enough to meet the needs of most large-scale games at present, and it can also get a better experience when running some applications that consume more memory.

512GB SSD, 2TB mechanical hard drive

The highest version iGame G-ONE uses a 512GB SSD+2TB mechanical dual hard drive combination. According to our test results, the continuous read performance of this 512GB SSD reaches 3.5GB/s, the continuous write performance is close to 2GB/s, and the 4K performance also has a good performance.

The 512GB SSD has basically met the needs of daily use, and some games can also be installed on the SSD for a better experience. If you need more storage space, you can store it on a 2TB mechanical hard drive. Users can choose different versions according to their storage needs.

Although the above data are all based on the top version, even the lowest iGame G-ONE uses the i5 8300H + RTX 2060 graphics card + 8GB DDR4 memory combination to get a good experience. If you have high requirements for gaming experience, you can choose the top or sub-top version.

The above is what I want to share with you this time, I hope you like this article. Finally, thank you very much for reading.

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