China’s machine tool (milling machine, machining center) molds have gradually strengthened innovation and developed to high-end.

As China’s industry started late, it produced low-end products. The development of high-tech progress has been in the jungle. But after so many years of unremitting efforts and continuous exploration, technology and high-end products are now on the path of rapid development.

The technology of my country’s mold industry started relatively late, and there is a big gap compared with developed countries. In recent years, through the introduction of foreign investment and the absorption of foreign advanced mold manufacturing experience, advanced technology and high-level talents, China’s mold design and manufacturing level has been greatly improved.

At present, the mold industry has a good momentum of development. Machine tool industries such as CNC milling machines should attach great importance to the development of new requirements to achieve a win-win situation for both parties.

The domestic machine tool industry does not pay much attention to the equipment market, and the domestic equipment market share of the mold industry is low. Therefore, experts suggest that China should pay close attention to the development of the mold machine tool industry and the mold industry equipment market. And long-term development should proceed from a strategic height, in-depth study of the market, and correct positioning.

The equipment required for mold processing varies greatly, each with its own merits. It may be a realistic way to start with low-end products and then gradually develop to high-end products. Although China is already a big mold country, to achieve the goal of becoming bigger and stronger, it must vigorously develop high-quality manufacturing equipment with independent intellectual property rights. Domestic machine tool companies should seize the opportunity and strive to play a truly active role in the mold industry.

How do you evaluate the development of milling machines in my country’s mold industry?