China’s machine tool industry (CNC milling machine) has ignited the spark of recovery.

The machine tool industry has experienced a two-year decline. In July 2014, the output of metal cutting machine tools increased by 4.6% year-on-year; the output of metal forming machine tools increased by 13.65%. The improvement in domestic demand is also reflected in imports. Imports of cnc machine tools in July 2014 increased by 3.35% year-on-year. Not only has production improved, revenue and gross profit growth have also shown positive growth. The total revenue and profit of metal cutting machine tools in the first 7 months increased by 7.99% and 12.22% respectively; the total revenue and profit of forming machines in the first 7 months increased by 13.73% and 13.25% respectively. The above data means that the industry has experienced a downturn, and then a spark of recovery.

The upgrading of the manufacturing industry as the main driving force of the machine tool industry

cnc machine tools meet the needs of manufacturing upgrades, so after 2003 the proportion of CNC metal cutting machine tools in metal cutting machine tools increased by more than 10% this year.

In the first seven months of 2014, the output of CNC metal-cutting machine tools increased more than that of the entire metal-cutting machine tool, and the proportion increased to 30.18%. This is a new statistical data. We believe that the upgrading demand of the manufacturing industry is only reflected in the consumption of CNC machine tools. This process is already on the way, and the changes in the machine tool structure in the future will be a huge driving force.

In most of the machine tool companies listed, it is difficult to see improvements:

For the current 11 listed machinery companies, excluding non-recurring factors and non-core business factors, only Rifa Precision Machinery and Yawei shares have doubled their revenue and profits. The revenue or profits of the remaining companies are declining. We believe that the historical burden of state-owned machine tool enterprises, and the technical deficiencies and gaps of private enterprises are obstacles to their difficulty in achieving good performance in the machine tool industry.

If three clues to the investment target are found, the innovative turnaround “Shenyang Machine Tool” is recommended:

We believe that under the current conditions, the development of the machine tool industry will find investment goals through the three clues of reversal, restructuring and growth. Innovation and asset acquisition are turning losses into profits. Foreign investment is also increasing the way to expand the industry. Companies that transform into the machine tool industry through acquisitions should also
Give attention.
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