China has developed a new type of carbon fiber material

Modern fighter jets have developed to the fourth generation. The first generation pursues speed, the second generation pursues line-of-sight, the third generation pursues maneuverability, and the fourth generation pursues stealth. Nowadays, various countries are developing stealth fighters, but the fourth-generation fighters that can be in service now, except for the F22 and F35 of the United States, are probably only the J20 of China and the Su 57 of Russia.

The material of the fourth-generation fighter is completely different from the materials of the previous three-generation fighters. It not only needs to have a strong material, but also requires high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, cold resistance, and light specific gravity. The United States took the lead in developing this material, which is carbon fiber material, and the United States has applied this material to F-22 and F-35. When the United States developed this material, China could only import some ordinary materials from abroad and apply it to China’s third-generation fighters.

Nowadays, China is no longer the China that was once poor and in vain. Through years of hard work, China has developed a new type of carbon fiber material. This material is 9 times stronger than steel, but lighter than aluminum, and can still be used. Withstand thousands of degrees of high temperature. If this material is applied to our fighter jets, the combat effectiveness can be greatly improved. Not only can the weight of the fighter be reduced to increase the flight speed, but it will also be beneficial to the maneuverability of the fighter.

This carbon fiber material can be used not only in airplanes, but also in other fields, including aerospace, submarines, automobiles, ships and other fields. At present, China has begun to build a production line of 100-ton carbon fiber materials. The research and development of this new material not only allows China to catch up with the international level in the performance of carbon fiber materials, but also provides a material basis for China’s future equipment research and development.

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