Recently, the China Automotive Technology and Research Center established the “Automotive Chip Testing and Certification Working Group”, and the Software Evaluation Center of the Testing and Certification Division of the center has reached a cooperation with Tsinghua Unigroup in the testing and certification of automotive security chips ACS-EAL4+.

According to the company’s official website, Ziguang Guowei is a chip product and solution provider, with smart chips as the core, focusing on digital security, intelligent computing, power and power management, high-reliability integrated circuits and other businesses. Its products are now used in finance, Telecom, government affairs, automobile, industrial interconnection, Internet of Things and other fields.

From a technical point of view, according to the data of Wisdom Buds, as of the latest date, Ziguang Guowei and its affiliated companies have a total of more than 660 patent applications in 126 countries/regions around the world, including more than 360 valid patents and more than 170 authorized invention patents. . Through a detailed analysis of the above patents, it can be seen that the current patent layout of Ziguang Guowei is mainly inclined to technology research and development in the fields of integrated circuits, memories, epitaxial layers, smart cards, and semiconductors.

China Automobile Center and Ziguang Guowei reached a cooperation to jointly promote the certification of automotive security chips

Figure 1: Keyword Cloud of Ziguang Guowei Patent

It is worth noting that an invention patent of Ziguang Guowei “High Bandwidth Low Dropout Linear Voltage Regulator and System-on-Chip” (publication number: CN202486643U) has been cited more than 20 times. More than 10 other patents of the company have been cited more than 10 times, reflecting the high influence of these patents in the industry.

(Note: The data included in the Wisdom Buds global patent database includes patents that have been published in 126 countries/regions. Generally speaking, it takes 4 to 18 months for a patent to be queried from application to publication)

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